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Victory Hammer 8 Ball modified by Lord Drake Kustoms

Victory Hammer 8 Ball modified by Lord Drake Kustoms



    Country United States · Spain

    Model Victory Hammer

    Style Cruiser

    This time we present a very exclusive custom motorcycle: A VICTORY HAMMER 8 BALL; since there are very few units of this American brand on the market and even fewer that have been modified. And this time we have done it in our motorcycle customization workshop in Spain.

    Lord Drake Kustoms does not usually say “NO” and this time we have shown it with the customization of this Victory Hammer 8 Ball that his client was about to sell because he thought that it could not be modified or transformed into something more attractive.

    New 21” fat-spoked front rim, fender cutout, metal spoiler keel fabrication, fully handcrafted seat, custom-made metal rear fender to leave the 240 wheel visible, license plate holder, new dual headlight , exhausts and endless details give shape to this brutal customized Victory.

    Finally Fran Manen (owner of LDK)opted for a military green paint with matte black graphics… all accompanied by parts and components with matte black baked powder paint made by Metal Colors.

    The upholstery of the seats and grips in brown and all the turn signals and LED tail light give the final look to a job that seemed impossible on a custom bike as peculiar as this completely modified VICTORY.

    Once the modification work of this transformed Victory Hammer motorcycle has been completed,the homologation of all the reforms carried out on a custom motorcycle have been carried out, which will undoubtedly very soon be rolling through the streets attracting the attention of everyone in its path.