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BBC has changed that Night Rod into something special

BBC has changed that Night Rod into something special

What happens when a German motorcycle customization company, Bad Boy Customs (BBC), gets a hold of it?

They transform it into a whole new level of cool. Bad Boy Customs modified this Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special into something even more unique and appealing.

Bad Boy Customs opted for a 10 x 18 wheel with a 280 Metzeler tire. This combination makes the rear-end look beefy and powerful. The flat rear fender with LED indicator and taillight integrated also adds to the Night Rod’s sleek and modern design.

But the modifications don’t stop there.

You can see the attention to detail with this motorcycle’s other customized parts. The Airbox cover with air inlets and an engine bolt cover have the BBC brand attached to them. The idea is to create a brand identity that people would immediately recognize. The sleek front fender features a BBC logo as well.

The Wave brake disc set was also an excellent addition to the Night Rod Special. They are not just functional but add to the custom look and feel of the motorcycle. The black powdered parts of the Night Rod, like the mesh brake caliper and clutch lever, help emphasize the sleek and modern design that Bad Boy Customs was aiming for.

The saddle features stingray and smooth leather with diamond pattern stitching. It is both stylish and functional, allowing the rider to be comfortable during long rides. The Airride Suspension with a BBC brand emphasizes the build’s sleekness and makes the ride more comfortable.

Overall, this Bad Boy Customs’ custom Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special is an example of how a great motorcycle can become exceptional.

This modified version of the Night Rod Special demonstrates just how innovative the motorcycle customization industry truly is.