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Builder CULT-WERK Contact [email protected] Country Austria Model H-D Breakout Style Cruiser short front fender “Custom” V2 (Cult-Werk) Fork Cover Kit – 6 pieces (Cult-Werk) Brake fluid reservoir cap “Custom” (Cult-Werk) Headlight Mask “V-Rod Style” (Cult-Werk) LED headlight breakout Footpegs & shifter “Racing” (Cult-Werk) Radical mirror set Timer cover milled with CWC logo (Cult-Werk) Derby cover […]
Rick’s Motorcycles [email protected] Geolocation Baden-Baden GERMANY HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER S RACER H-D Sportster S parts Frontwheel: Rick’s Motorcycles Design FW: Apollo 5 Rearwheel: Rick’s Motorcycles Design RW: Apollo 5 Pegs: Rick’s Motorcycles AK 7.4 Front Fender: Rick’s Motorcycles Horsepower: 90 kW Rear Fender: Stock License Plate Holder: Rick’s Motorcycles License Plate bracket kit: Rick’s Motorcycles Turn […]
< BACK TO RICK’S MOTORCYCLES V-Rod muscle for sale On this website you can find many examples which show that Rick’s Motorcycles can make really extreme custom bikes out of the V-Rods. On this project, however, the emphasis was on keeping it moderate. There is no XXXL monster tire at the rear, but rather a […]