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Harley-Davidson 2021 Fat Boy 260 ‘Blue Thunder’ by Rick’s

Harley-Davidson 2021 Fat Boy 260 ‘Blue Thunder’ by Rick’s


    Cruising in Style! Classy Sunday Attire for the Distinguished “Fat Boy”: Rick’s Motorcycles’ 2021 FLFBS 114 with 260-Tire Custom Upgrade.

    At Rick’s Motorcycles, located in Baden-Baden, you can find the perfectly matched “Beat Age” Harley-Davidson “Fat Boy,” rolling on Rick’s meticulously designed wheels. This ride exudes an air of sophistication with its seamless lines, expertly crafted Rick’s equipment, and a sleek “blue-in-blue” paint job that accentuates its elegance.

    Do you always need the widest tire available? Absolutely not! As exemplified by this exceptional wide-tire Rick’s Custom, a Rick’s wheel design alone is enough to turn heads, especially when it’s one of their seldom-requested designs. The three-piece “Rival” 5-Spoke Design Wheel, assembled with intricate CNC machining on its five detailed spokes, is a unique and rarely seen choice.

    With a 260 mm Metzeler tire and a 9.0 x 18” wheel size that fits seamlessly into the stock swingarm of the wide Milwaukee Eight Softail frame, introduced alongside the M8 engines in 2018, it provides a sufficiently bold “Fat Tire” appearance.

    To showcase the Design Wheel’s full splendor from the right side, Rick’s signature Drive Side Brake System has been added to this Rick’s classic. The stock swingarm has been refined and streamlined through a meticulous “fine finish” process at Rick’s sheet metal shop. Complementing the “Rival” wheels are “Bob” design brake rotors and a drive pulley, all elegantly powder-coated in black.

    Rick’s 260 tailend for the M8 “Fat Boy” reveals a substantial section of the tire to onlookers, with the solid, weighty metal fender descending almost to the tire thanks to the Air Suspension. Kellermann Atto 3-in-1 lights and Rick’s compact license plate holder keep the rear section uncluttered.

    The seat, crafted using the base plate included in the tailend kit, seamlessly connects to Rick’s stretch tank extension. The level of professionalism and precision in this “Made by Rick’s” extension is evident to all, with its matte finish leaving no room for imperfections. This impeccable sheet metalwork also extends to the iconic Fat Boy fork, with a Rick’s steel front fender in the 18″ version fitting snugly around the tire.

    When it comes to equipment and accessories, “Blue Thunder” boasts an extensive selection from Rick’s lineup: V-Rod handlebars, Classic 32-mm risers, “Good Guys” grip set for E-Gas, adjustable “Good Guys” hand levers, along with Atto LED turn signals mounted on Rick’s brackets, O-ring peg-equipped forward controls, and the “Porthole” clutch cover – a lengthy list of parts proudly crafted in Baden-Baden! Even the Rick’s GG2 “BANDIT” air filter was precision-engineered on the CNC machines at Flugstraße 1, expertly calibrated to the Kess Tech exhaust system on Rick’s in-house dyno.