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Rick’s 2022 FXBRS Softail Breakout ‘El Dominador 300’

Rick’s 2022 FXBRS Softail Breakout ‘El Dominador 300’


The “EAS 300 swingarm” represents the culmination of years of experience with the first-ever V-Rod single-sided swingarm and Rick’s widely popular “Fat Ass” kit, which is renowned for its unique intermediate shaft construction. This engineering marvel by Rick is a testament to their expertise, although its true brilliance is somewhat concealed when installed and coated with a sleek black powder finish, especially on this bike with its “black-in-black” aesthetic.

However, don’t be deceived; this component is a pioneering feat in terms of complexity, functionality, and its clean appearance. In fact, it stands as the sole “Milwaukee-Eight” single-sided swingarm designed to accommodate wide tires up to 300 width while featuring a jackshaft that operates within the swingarm pivot axis. It seamlessly complements the wheel styles found in Rick’s Design Wheel program and was meticulously tailored to meet the demands of high-performance engines and wide tires.

Within the frames of “Breakout” and “Fat Boy” models with the Milwaukee Eight engine, the tires roll precisely centered, devoid of any misalignment or offset. The clear sightline to the right side of the wheel is made possible through Rick’s proven “Drive Side” relocation of the brake disc and caliper to the left side of the wheel. The “short” drive belt, extending from the transmission output to the intermediate shaft, is virtually concealed behind the frame and swingarm structure.

Furthermore, the rear belt pulley and the rotating swingarm axle pulley cover harmonize flawlessly with the “7-Sins” design wheels, presented here in the iconic three-piece assembled version. A black powder coating, combined with natural metal nuts and bolts, defines its effortlessly cool appearance. This aluminum work of art is, of course, equipped with Air-Suspension, allowing the tail end to be lowered nearly to the rear Metzeler rubber when parked.

Although the remaining modifications adhere to Rick’s standard practices, they should not be overlooked: a tail section featuring stylish air-duct-like “outlets,” an elongated tank, a snugly fitted metal front fender, and signature Rick’s accessories such as a side-mounted license plate, headlight mask, Road King touring handlebars, turn signal brackets for Kellermann’s Atto, “Good Guys” grips, and an air cleaner. Additionally, various engine and primary covers, as well as Rick’s established forward controls, offering a 2-inch forward riding position, contribute to the distinct “Dark Look” of this bike.

No expense was spared to achieve this unique aesthetic, even the fork underwent a complete disassembly to apply a DLC coating (DLC = Diamond-Like Carbon) to darken the downtubes. Various engine and accessory parts were powder-coated black, and Rick’s handcrafted sheet-metal components were painted in the same striking shade. Naturally, all wheel components – wheel centers, brake rotors, and belt pulley – are precision CNC-machined in the signature “7-Sins” design.

A small plate affixed to the front cylinder head discreetly showcases additional “hidden” enhancements on this ride: “Stage IV” signifies that extra horsepower has been unlocked in the engine during the sheet metal work. As evidenced by the Kess-Tech exhaust system in a “Racing Style” appearance, the system was finely tuned and mapped to the engine, complemented by Rick’s “Good Guys” air filter, all fine-tuned on their in-house dyno test bench.

The inaugural “EAS 300” Breakout conversion from Rick’s Motorcycles is undoubtedly just the beginning, as several more projects are already in progress, with the sophisticated EAS swingarms for them having already been precision-machined. Rest assured, these conversions are fully homologated and road-legal, thanks to Rick’s Motorcycles’ commitment to making it happen. Discover this exciting new customization option for Milwaukee Eight-powered Softails!