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Fat Bob FXFBS 114: A Wide Ride with ‘Carte Blanche’

Fat Bob FXFBS 114: A Wide Ride with ‘Carte Blanche’

Fat Bob FXFBS 114_ A Wide Ride with 'Carte Blanche'

If you’re looking to truly live up to the name of a ‘Carte Blanche’, you’ll need to put in a bit of effort – and a visit to Rick’s Motorcycles is highly recommended!

While many people crave a colorful life, for a number of Harley riders, black and white is more than enough. This is definitely the case with the highly modified “Fat Bob” you see here!

Thanks to Rick’s, this FXFBS Milwaukee Eight Softail conversion is a super-clean powerhouse. It’s refined in every way, without being too overloaded – Rick’s “elegance” at its finest.

While the traditional “Fat Bob” design saw a complete overhaul, the Rick’s team added yet another layer of customization to this stock Harley look: a “Fat Look” of the very best kind. With epic proportions and an air suspension for an extremely low seating position, the Rick’s design wheel set of stylish three-piece assembled disc wheels is where the journey truly takes off.

Many components on this custom Harley remained in their original, stock condition because the bike itself already has a top-of-the-line rolling chassis, upside down fork, and dragster-like acceleration. The added Rick’s “Fat Ass” swingarm allows for “Dragstrip” tire dimensions, without sacrificing the riding characteristics of this highly customized street bike.

What’s more, the metal fender above the 300 rubber tire is as close as possible when needed thanks to the Air Suspension.

Over the massive 10.5-inch rim width, the 300 tire spreads out to a truly dominant size – and even the KessTech adjustable Sound System is short as it is, you still have an unrestricted view of the tire and wheel.

The seat and tank-to-seat cover provide the perfect visual connection to the stock fuel tank. At the front end, Rick’s front mudguard is as close as possible to the radius of the 18-inch front tire, making it one of the cleanest installations available.

The sidemount license plate bracket and other small details all contribute to this custom job, and everything is refined in black paint or powder coated.

The only parts that are kept in matte white color are the body parts – the stock fuel tank, Rick’s rear fender, and front fender. In the darkened look, the Rick’s Softail covers on the front wheel axle almost disappear entirely.

Every Rick’s project starts with a blank sheet of paper – and if you want to achieve this level of customization for your “Fat Bob,” you should give the Rick’s team full creative license. The result will be something you’ll want to show off and blast off with pride!

Photo @PeterHillert