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HD VRSCDX 300 Wide Tire Custom ‘Kuga’ by Bad Land

HD VRSCDX 300 Wide Tire Custom ‘Kuga’ by Bad Land

    HD VRSCDX 300 Wide Tire Custom 'Kuga' by Bad Land

    The HD VRSCDX 300 Wide Tire Custom ‘Kuga’ by Bad Land from Japan is a motorcycle that combines aesthetic appeal with exceptional performance. Designed and crafted by Bad Land, this bike is truly a work of art.

    Starting with the wheels, the HD VRSCDX features Bad Land original NEW OUT RAGE rims. The front wheel measures 3.75×23 inches, while the rear wheel is an impressive 10.5×18 inches. These custom wheels not only enhance the overall look of the bike, but also provide superior handling and stability.

    The tires on the HD VRSCDX are AVON COBRA CHROME, with a front tire size of 130/70-23″ and a rear tire size of 300/35-18″. These high-quality tires ensure optimal traction and grip, allowing for a smooth and safe ride.

    In terms of braking, the HD VRSCDX is equipped with Brembo front brake calipers for maximum stopping power. The front brake caliper support is also custom-made by Bad Land, ensuring a secure and reliable braking system.

    The overall design of the HD VRSCDX is truly unique and eye-catching. The bike features Bad Land original Garter forks, DUAL HEADLIGHTS, and a one-make front fender and handle.

    The front controls and grips are provided by Brembo and KEN’S FACTORY, while the mirrors are from KEN’S FACTORY, adding a touch of style to the bike.

    The HD VRSCDX also features custom-made components by Bad Land, such as the Airbox TYPE-D duke and its frame cover, the radiator cover, the rear fender, the exhaust, the gas tank, and the mid control kit.

    These custom-made components not only enhance the bike’s performance, but also contribute to its unique and sleek design.

    To complete the look, the HD VRSCDX is finished with a stunning paint job by RISE. The attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials make this bike a true masterpiece.

    For more information about the HD VRSCDX 300 Wide Tire Custom ‘Kuga’ by Bad Land, you can contact Bad Land at [email protected]. This motorcycle is the perfect choice for those who want to ride in style and experience unparalleled performance.

    • Front wheel: BAD LAND original NEW OUT RAGE 3.75×23″
    • Rear wheel: BAD LAND original NEW OUT RAGE 10.5×18″
    • Front tire: AVON COBRA CHROME 130/70-23″
    • Rear tire: AVON COBRA CHROME 300/35-18″
    • Front brake caliper: brembo
    • Front brake caliper support : BAD LAND one-make
    • Garter fork: BAD LAND original
    • Front fender: BAD LAND one-make
    • Handle: BAD LAND one-make
    • Front controls: brembo
    • Grip: KEN’S FACTORY
    • Mirror: KEN’S FACTORY
    • Airbox TYPE-D duke: BAD LAND original
    • Airbox TYPE-D duke frame cover: BAD LAND original
    • Radiator cover: BAD LAND original
    • Rear fender: BAD LAND one-make
    • Exhaust: BAD LAND one-make
    • Gas tank: BAD LAND one-make
    • Mid control kit: BAD LAND one-make
    • 3D long & wide swingarm : BAD LAND original
    • Rear drive: change to chain
    • Number side mount bracket : BAD LAND one make
    • Engine peripheral bolt set: Black anodized
    • Seats: Clione Speed
    • Paint : RISE