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One of the most impressive V-Rod is the Bad Land 300 ‘Indra’

One of the most impressive V-Rod is the Bad Land 300 ‘Indra’

    One of the most impressive V-Rod is the Bad Land 300 'Indra'

    The Harley Davidson V-Rod has been a staple for bike enthusiasts for years, but the custom motorcycle scene has taken it to a whole new level.

    One of the most impressive V-Rod customs is the Bad Land VRSCDX 300 Wide Tire Custom.

    The most eye-catching feature of this bike is the massive 300mm rear tire. The Bad Land team custom-fabricated a wide swingarm to accommodate the beefy tire, and it’s paired with a 21-inch front wheel.

    The wheels are both Bad Land originals, with the rear Out Rage wheel measuring in at 10.5 inches across. The Avon Cobra tires provide excellent traction and grip on the road.

    Stopping power comes from dual front brake rotors from Rick’s Motorcycles and a Brembo brake caliper. The handlebars, grips, and LED blinkers are all sourced from Ken’s Factory, and the garter hook and airbox are Bad Land originals. The radiator cover, which adds a sleek look to the bike, is also from Bad Land.

    Bad Land also created a custom front fender, exhaust, and rear fender for the bike. The side mount and seat are both one-of-a-kind Bad Land designs, and the custom paint by Bush Art ties it all together.

    Overall, the Bad Land VRSCDX 300 Wide Tire Custom is a unique take on an already iconic motorcycle.

    The attention to detail and one-of-a-kind design make it a standout in the crowded world of custom motorcycles. It’s a testament to the creativity and innovation of the Bad Land team in Japan, who have taken the V-Rod and turned it into an unforgettable machine.

    Motorbike parts

    Front wheel Bad Land Original / Out Rage 3.5×21″
    Rear wheel Bad Land Original / Out Rage 10.5×18″
    Front tire Avon Cobra 130/70-21″
    Rear tire: Avon Cobra 300/40-18″
    Front brake rotor Rick’S Motorcycles / Dual
    Front brake caliper Brembo
    Garter hook Bad Land Original
    Handle Bad Land One-Make
    Mirror Ken’S Factory
    Led blinker Ken’S Factory
    Grip Ken’S Factory
    Airbox Bad Land
    Radiator cover Bad Land
    Front fender Bad Land One-Make
    Exhaust Bad Land One-Make
    Rear fender Bad Land One-Make
    Wide swingarm Bad Land One-Make
    Side Mount Bad Land One-Make
    Seat Clione Speed
    Custom Paint Bush Art

    Builder @badland