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Harley-Davidson Deluxe ‘OM Tibetan’ by Lord Drake Kustoms

Harley-Davidson Deluxe ‘OM Tibetan’ by Lord Drake Kustoms

Harley-Davidson Deluxe 'OM Tibetan' by Lord Drake Kustoms

This Harley-Davidson Deluxe Black, commonly referred to as the Deluxe “OM Tibetan” …

Is a Harley Davidson customised by Lord Drake Kustoms at their motorbike workshop located in Malaga, Spain. Initially, the bike started as a stock Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe, but underwent radical customisation and transformation.

The OM symbol, for which it was named, was made a priority by the bike’s owner, as it is a symbol of spiritual importance, offering personal protection, and having a significant connection to the universe.

One of the first noticeable changes made to the bike is the beautiful paint job with a combination of black and dark grey shades that give the bike an elegant and modern look. The striking emblems and graphics also give the bike a unique personality.

In addition to the custom paint job and graphics

The Softail Deluxe Black “OM Tibetan” has a 240 rear tyre on custom wheels, Legend hydraulic softail suspension, and a modified and extended 2″ inch fuel tank. The bike also features a custom-fabricated rear wing with built-in LED lights, Motogadget blaze disc LED turn signals on the grips, almost 3″ inch thick handlebar, custom-made number plate holder, custom-made seat, and an MMB odometer and lap counter.

The bike’s exhaust features Vance and Hines Mini Grenades tails, and the Harley Davidson air filter matches the rims or a custom-made tie rod. These features, in addition to others, make the Softail Deluxe Black “OM Tibetan” a one-of-a-kind custom bike.

The Softail Deluxe Black “OM Tibetan” is a piece of craftsmanship that showcases the extensive knowledge and innovation that Lord Drake Kustoms offers in their motorbike workshop. Every component was carefully thought out and selected to create a stylish and unique custom bike.