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If you’re a fan of customized motorcycles: Tarso Marques

If you’re a fan of customized motorcycles: Tarso Marques

    If you're a fan of customized motorcycles_ Tarso Marques

    If you’re a fan of customized motorcycles: Tarso Marques Concept

    Then you definitely have to check out the Chopper style bike modified by the Brazilian builder Tarso Marques Concept. This bike packs a serious punch and looks phenomenal. One of the most striking things about the bike is its extreme front wheel, which draws attention immediately.

    The Chopper’s wide 240mm rear tire also stands out and complements the design of the bike perfectly. The pair of wheels adorning the bike are given a unique violet color that makes them pop and dazzles in the sunlight.

    One of the most impressive touches, however, is the completely handmade black double exhaust that gives the bike a beastly roar. All of these design elements combine to create a bike that oozes style and sophistication.

    The bike features low and elongated structure, highlighting its unique design flawlessly. It has no visible rear protector, leaving the wide rear tire and its features on full display for all to see and admire.

    The individual handmade seat is exclusive to this bike and exemplifies the attention to detail given by the builder. The aesthetic of the bike stretch to the front as well, with a Springer-style front fork and a low handlebar position.

    If you’re a fan of unique design, then you’ll also appreciate the vintage black headlight that’s been customized to fit this particular bike. The entire optical system of the bike has been reworked and modified to give it a visual distinctiveness unlike any other bike on the road.

    The motorcycle’s finish is outstanding and adds an extra layer of sophistication to the bike. The combination of all of these elements makes this bike unforgettable and something that will undoubtedly stand out on the road.

    Customized motorcycles Tarso Marques

    In conclusion

    The customized Chopper-style bike by Tarso Marques Concept is a unique, beautiful, and a powerful machine that showcases the importance of design and individuality. If you’re a fan of breathtaking motorcycles that can make heads turn, then this bike is definitely for you.

    Customized motorcycles Tarso Marques