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Harley-Davidson V-Rod ‘Blue Carbon’ by Custom Bobber Garage

Harley-Davidson V-Rod ‘Blue Carbon’ by Custom Bobber Garage

Harley-Davidson V-Rod ‘Blue Carbon’ by Custom Bobber Garage

The 2012 Harley Davidson Night rod special is an impressive motorcycle on it’s own, but what Custom Bobber Garage of Switzerland achieved with its modification is truly outstanding.

Not only did they manage to maintain the bike’s original style and essence, but they also improved it in many ways, turning it into a stunning supermoto.

Firstly, the suspension is a standout feature on this bike. With the Thunderbike Black Air suspension, the bike lifts and lowers with ease, regardless of the terrain it’s on. Additionally, a progressive suspension has been installed on the front, which also enhances the bike’s capabilities on tough terrain.

Harley-Davidson V-Rod ‘Blue Carbon’ by Custom Bobber Garage

The braking system is also an area where Custom Bobber Garage has improved the Harley Davidson Night rod special. With the 2×4 piston performance braking system on the front, the bike is capable of stopping in a very short amount of time, which is crucial for riders in emergency situations.

The lighting system is also impressive. With Kellerman LED turn signals, the bike looks incredibly modern and stylish. And with Bike Heinz LED turn signals on the front, safety is also a priority in the modification.

The custom leather seat is a nice touch on the bike, and it’s something that Custom Bobber Garage has executed very well. The bike also features a set of Wunderkind grips, which ensures the rider has a secure and comfortable grip while riding.

The engine was also improved by the Swiss garage.

The entire engine hardware was replaced with shiny black hardware, which gives it an amazing appearance. The full NLC exhaust system was installed along with a 330 rear tire, and NLC Model 999 12-inch wide rear wheels were added. Additionally, a side-mounted braking system was added behind the NLC pulley.

The Harley Davidson Night rod special modified by Custom Bobber Garage of Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most impressive motorcycles you’ll ever see. It’s sleek, modern, and powerful, making it the perfect bike for anyone seeking a unique experience on the road. Every detail on the bike is well thought out and a testament to the true talent of Custom Bobber Garage in Switzerland.

Modified parts

  • Air suspension Thunderbike Black
  • Progressive front suspension
  • LED stop indicators 3-1 rear Kellerman
  • LED Front Bike Heinz Turn Signals
  • Custom leather/ Alkantar seat
  • GP-1 fork bridge kit conversion from NLC
  • Brake/clutch lever NLC
  • Brake system 2*4 piston performance brakes front from NLC
  • Motogadget rearview mirror
  • BBC brake/clutch cover
  • Airbox cover NLC with side covers
  • View glass conversion kit
  • Motorcover (look window) complete kit NLC
  • NLC complete drag exhaust system
  • NLC swing arm complete conversion 330 tires
  • NLC 999 model rear rims 12” wide
  • NLC 999 model rim 21” in front
  • Custom speedometer aluminum plate machined
  • With integrated gear indicator, rev limiter.
  • Rear fender from Rod quad motorcycles
  • Drive side braking system behind the NLC pulley.
  • Front and rear brake discs directly from NLC to match the rims.
  • All engine screws changed to gloss black, completely on the bike.
  • Brake and clutch lines in carbon look by Probbrake
  • Grips set by Wunderkind
  • NLC custom lamp
  • NLC side frame cover
  • K&N filters