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2012 FLTRX Road Glide ‘Ice Breaker’ Bagger by Killer Custom

2012 FLTRX Road Glide ‘Ice Breaker’ Bagger by Killer Custom


The “Ice Breaker Bagger” is a 2012 FLTRX Road Glide motorcycle customized by Killer Custom from Lithuania.

This show bike was meticulously crafted for the European custom show circuit, where it made quite an impression.

The team at Killer Custom loaded this unique bike into a van and embarked on a journey to conquer various shows. However, this custom beauty isn’t just for display; it’s also a fantastic “Daily driver.”

One distinctive feature of the “Ice Breaker Bagger” is its front suspension setup.

Instead of going with air ride, the builders opted for a different approach, which required precise calculations to ensure that the specially-made front fairing wouldn’t collide with the front fender.

They invested considerable time and effort in fine-tuning this setup, conducting rigorous tests to achieve that sought-after “Air ride” appearance while maintaining exceptional street ride performance and obtaining the coveted German TUV approval.

Taking this magnificent bike out on the open road was an exhilarating experience. The “Ice Breaker Bagger” boasts a 26” front wheel, complemented by matching floating 13” brake rotors and six-piston brake callipers, allowing it to reach speeds exceeding 100 MPH.

The bike offers both style and performance in abundance.

Moreover, the builders ensured that the frame modifications were properly documented, guaranteeing a smooth and stable ride without any unwanted wobbling.

Thanks to its drop-seat frame at the rear and the specially-made gas tank and side covers kit designed for this frame type, the “Ice Breaker Bagger” offers a remarkably comfortable riding experience.

It’s a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of Killer Custom, making this motorcycle a true standout in the world of custom bikes.