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Harley-Davidson Softail GP-Limited ‘Highflyer’ by Thunderbike

Harley-Davidson Softail GP-Limited ‘Highflyer’ by Thunderbike


The Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout GP-Limited ‘Highflyer’ by Thunderbike from Germany is a motorcycle that is to impress any rider. With its sleek design and powerful performance, it is a true testament to Thunderbike’s expertise in customization.

One of the standout features of this motorcycle is the Thunderbike EFI-Cover black wrinkle, which adds an element of style to the bike. Combined with the Thunderbike Exhaust System Grand Prix, it delivers a deep, rumbling sound that is synonymous with Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The Thunderbike Frontend Grand Prix and Thunderbike Clip-On Handlebars Grand Prix bicolor enhance the bike’s handling and control, allowing riders to feel confident and in command on the road. Additionally, the Thunderbike Headlamp Cap black adds a touch of aggression to the bike’s overall look.

Thunderbike has also paid attention to the finer details of the motorcycle. The Thunderbike Phantom E Grips, Thunderbike Toppers Base, and Rebuffini RR90 Control & Switch Set hydraulic, black matt ensure that every aspect of the bike is both stylish and functional. The Motogadget Mirror mo.view Race left provides a clear view of the road behind, ensuring safety while riding.

Other notable features of the Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout GP-Limited ‘Highflyer’ by Thunderbike include the Thunderbike Forward Controls Grand Prix black, Thunderbike Rider Footpegs V-Tech Design, and Thunderbike Turn Signals Stripe LED with housing. These features not only enhance the bike’s performance but also add to its overall aesthetic appeal.

The Thunderbike Custom Fuel Tank GP-Style is a signature feature of this motorcycle, adding a unique touch to its design. The Thunderbike Ignition Coil Relocation Kit for Air-Ride switch, black and Thunderbike Axle Cover Swingarm left and right further elevate the bike’s appearance.

The Thunderbike Single-Side Swingarm Kit 21” Alu, Thunderbike Pulley Grand Prix, and Thunderbike Grand Prix rear and front wheels are all meticulously designed to provide optimal performance on the roads.

The Metzeler Cruisetec Rear Tire 260/35VR21 83V and Avon Tyres Avon Cobra Chrome, Front/Rear, 130/60VR23 (65V) ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

Finally, the Thunderbike Air Ride Suspension Kit completes the motorcycle, allowing riders to customize their riding experience and ensure maximum comfort.

In conclusion, the Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout GP-Limited ‘Highflyer’ by Thunderbike from Germany is a motorcycle that is not only stylish but also delivers a powerful performance. With its customized features and attention to detail, it is a motorcycle that any rider would be proud to own. To learn more about this motorcycle or to make a purchase, contact [email protected]

Breakout parts:

  • Thunderbike EFI-Cover black wrinkle
  • Thunderbike Exhaust System Grand Prix
  • Thunderbike Frontend Grand Prix
  • Thunderbike Clip-On Handlebars Grand Prix bicolor
  • Thunderbike Headlamp Cap black
  • Thunderbike Hydraulic clutch Conversion Kit black
  • Thunderbike Phantom E Grips
  • Thunderbike Toppers Base
  • Rebuffini RR90 Control & Switch Set hydraulic, black matt
  • Motogadget Mirror mo.view Race left
  • Thunderbike Forward Controls Grand Prix black
  • Thunderbike Rider Footpegs V-Tech Design
  • Thunderbike Turn Signals Stripe LED with housing
  • Thunderbike Custom Fuel Tank GP-Style
  • Thunderbike Ignition Coil Relocation Kit for Air-Ride switch, black
  • Thunderbike Axle Cover Swingarm left
  • Thunderbike Axle Cover Swingarm right
  • Thunderbike Front Fender GP Style
  • Thunderbike License Plate Frame Inside Plate
  • Thunderbike License Plate Lighting
  • Thunderbike Timer Cover New Custom
  • Thunderbike Derby Cover Drilled contrast cut
  • Thunderbike Brembo Radial Monoblock M4 Caliper Set black
  • Thunderbike Brake Disc Streetmaster
  • Thunderbike Single-Side Swingarm Kit 21” Alu
  • Thunderbike Pulley Grand Prix
  • Thunderbike Grand Prix rear wheel 9.0×21
  • Thunderbike Grand Prix front wheel 4.0×23
  • Metzeler Cruisetec Rear Tire 260/35VR21 83V
  • Avon Tyres Avon Cobra Chrome , Front/Rear, 130/60VR23 (65V)
  • Thunderbike Air Ride Suspension Kit