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Thunderbike’s ‘Laguna Seca’ Breakout Racing Series

Thunderbike’s ‘Laguna Seca’ Breakout Racing Series

Thunderbike's 'Laguna Seca' Breakout Racing Series

Germany-based Thunderbike has unveiled their masterpiece: the Harley-Davidson Breakout Laguna Seca. The stunning bike is built to race and has an imposing presence with its 4×23 inch front and 9×21 inch rear wheels. These wheels are painted in Racing series colors to make the bike even more impressive.

To complement the wheels, the Laguna Seca features a Thunderbike single-sided swingarm kit that has been designed using several parts from their Grand Prix series. A special highlight of the bike is the custom paint job, which was designed by master painter Ingo Kruse. Kruse is known for his amazing paintwork that can turn any bike into a work of art.

The Laguna Seca is built for speed and performance, and Thunderbike has ensured that every part of the bike is geared towards that goal. The bike is equipped with a Thunderbike Streetmaster brake disc and Brembo Radial Monoblock M4 brake caliper set.

The front fender has been modified to the GP Style, and the rear fender has been given a Grand Prix treatment.

The Handlebar Set Thunderbike Grand Prix, Radial Kit Thunderbike, and Triple Tree Thunderbike Grand Prix provide the rider with maximum control over the bike. The Thunderbike V-Tech forward controls allow for a more comfortable riding position, while the Thunderbike Phantom E Satin Grip Set ensures a good grip on the handlebars.

The EFI Cover Thunderbike and Ignition Cover Thunderbike New Custom give the bike a sleek and modern look.

The Airbox Cover Thunderbike Grand Prix, Pulley Thunderbike Grand Prix, and Headlamp Cap Thunderbike are additional details that further enhance this bike’s impressive design.

The bike is powered by a Thunderbike Grand Prix exhaust system, which provides unmatched performance and reliability. The exhaust system is designed to maximize the airflow, resulting in a powerful engine with a throaty roar.

The Breakout Racing Series by Thunderbike is an incredible machine that will turn heads wherever it goes.

Breakout Racing series

  • Rear Rim Thunderbike Grand Prix 9×21
  • Front Rim Thunderbike Grand Prix 4×23
  • Brake Disc Thunderbike Streetmaster
  • Front Fender Thunderbike GP Style
  • Pulley Thunderbike Grand Prix
  • Headlamp Cap Thunderbike
  • Radial Kit Thunderbike
  • Triple Tree Thunderbike Grand Prix
  • Clip On Handlebar Set Thunderbike Grand Prix
  • Brake Caliper Set Brembo Radial Monoblock M4
  • Single Side Swingarm Kit Thunderbike 21“
  • Airbox Cover Thunderbike Grand Prix
  • Grip Set Thunderbike Phantom E Satin
  • Forward Controls Thunderbike V-Tech
  • Rear Fender Thunderbike Grand Prix, modified
  • Custom Tank Thunderbike GP Style
  • Seat Plate Thunderbike Grand Prix 260/18“
  • EFI Cover Thunderbike
  • Ignition Cover Thunderbike New Custom
  • Painting Ingo Kruse Kruse Design
  • Mirrors Circuit 959
  • Derby Cover Thunderbike Torque with Logo
  • Exhaust System: Thunderbike Grand Prix