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Harley-Davidson Breakout “Imola” by Thunderbike

Harley-Davidson Breakout “Imola” by Thunderbike

    Harley-Davidson Breakout "Imola" by Thunderbike

    The Imola is a direct relative of the Mugello and Silverstone and probably the most daring machine in the Thunderbike racing series.

    Thunderbike parts

    • Derby Cover Thunderbike Drilled
    • Ignition Cover Thunderbike New Custom
    • License Plate Lighting Thunderbike
    • Front Turn Signals Thunderbike
    • Handlebar Thunderbike Clip-On Grand Prix bicolor
    • Grip Set Thunderbike Base Satin
    • Toppers Thunderbike Base
    • Levers Rebuffini Set hydraulic with Switch
    • Front Fender Thunderbike GP-Style
    • Rear Fender Thunderbike GP-Style 260mm
    • Seat Plate Thunderbike
    • Forward Controls Thunderbike V-Tech
    • Chin Fairing Thunderbike GP-Style
    • Fuel Tank Thunderbike Custom GP-Style
    • Front End Thunderbike Radial Kit Grand Prix
    • Headlamp Cap Thunderbike
    • Triple Tree Thunderbike Grand Prix bicolor
    • Airbox Baseplate Thunderbike
    • Air Cleaner Thunderbike Airbox Kit
    • Airbox Cover Thunderbike Grand Prix
    • Swingarm Thunderbike Single-Side Kit 21”
    • Brake Caliper Brembo Radial Monoblock M4
    • Wheels Thunderbike Grand Prix
    • Painting Ingo Kruse / Kruse Design
    • Exhaust System Thunderbike Grand Prix