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Harley-Davidson Pan America Bagger #39 by Melk

Harley-Davidson Pan America Bagger #39 by Melk

    Harley-Davidson Pan America Bagger 39 by Melk

    Harley-Davidson Pan America Bagger #39 is a beautifully designed motorcycle by Melk Motorcycles from France. This machine is equipped with various accessories that enhance its performance and make it more comfortable and stylish to ride.

    One of the notable features of this motorcycle is its exhaust system, which consists of a racing silencer from SC Projet and a decatalysed collector from Harley-Davidson. Additionally, the motorcycle comes with stage 1 mapping done by Don X MELK MOTORCYCLES, making it more efficient and suitable for long-distance travel.

    The motorcycle’s tires are also a unique aspect, with Av Anakee Wild tires from Michelin, which give it excellent traction even on rough terrain. The seat covers by MELK Motorcycles provide comfortable seating experience even over long distances.

    The headlights are from Harley-Davidson, and they have added a directional feature to keep the rider safe while riding at night. The Screamin’ Eagle performance air filter from Harley-Davidson further enhances the motorcycle’s performance.

    Other accessories include the additional headlights from Next Tech and the adaptive suspension from Harley-Davidson. SW MOTECH has contributed a motor guard and extension risers, and Wunderlich’s off-road side stand pad provides extra stability when parked on rough terrain.

    The crash bars from Harley-Davidson protect the bike and its rider in case of an accident. The bike also comes with a short, tinted windshield to reduce wind resistance at high speeds.

    In terms of aesthetics, the Melk Motorcycles team has meticulously worked on the motorcycle to create a candy gold color that complements the Vivid Black HD and Black Denim HD matte finishes. The candy gold adds a touch of elegance that comes to life in the sunshine and gives a subtle sheen when the motorcycle is ridden at night.

    Harley-Davidson Pan America Bagger #39 also sports various chromed parts such as the spoke wheels, including candy gold designer pieces, and covers for the cylinder, pignons, and ignition that enhance its aesthetics.

    Harley-Davidson Pan America Bagger 39 by Melk

    In conclusion, this Harley-Davidson Pan America Special is an excellent example of modern craftsmanship with the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics. With the special design by Melk Motorcycles, it’s an ideal choice for long-distance riders looking for a reliable, comfortable, and, most importantly, stylish motorcycle.

    Pan America bagger parts


    • Racing silencer – SC Project
    • Decatalyzed manifold – Harley – Davidson
    • Mapping Stage 1 – Don X MELK MOTORCYCLES
    • Anakee Wild front tire – Michelin
    • Tire Ar Anakee Wild – Michelin
    • Saddle cover – MELK MOTORCYCLES
    • Front Directional Light – Harley – Davidson
    • Screamin’ Eagle performance filter element – Harley – Davidson
    • Additional lights – Next Tech
    • ARH Adaptive Suspension – Harley – Davidson
    • Spoked rims – Harley – Davidson
    • Saddlebags Aluminum Black (Left & Right) – Harley – Davidson
    • Top Case – Harley – Davidson
    • Top Case Rack – Harley-Davidson
    • Short license plate holder – R&G
    • Mini Black Front LED Turn Signals – MELK MOTORCYCLES
    • 3 in 1 Ar LED mini Black lights – MELK MOTORCYCLES
    • Mirrors – MELK MOTORCYCLES
    • Engine spoiler – SW MOTECH
    • Riser extension – SW MOTECH
    • Adventure side stand – Harley – Davidson
    • Center stand – Harley – Davidson
    • Off Road stand pad – Wunderlich
    • Radiator guard – MELK MOTORCYCLES
    • Headlight protection grid – Harley – Davidson
    • Side crash bars – Harley – Davidson
    • Front crash bar – Harley – Davidson
    • Short tinted screen – Harley – Davidson
    • Clutch Medallion – Harley – Davidson
    • Coil cover – Wunderlich
    • Front wheel axle cover – Harley – Davidson
    • Rear wheel axle cover – Harley – Davidson
    • Aesthetic preparation and painting:
      A candy gold tint to brighten up this frame has been specially developed to harmonize with shiny black (Vivid Black HD) and matte black (Black denim HD).
      Multiple coats of candy are a must to give this gold sobriety after dark and sparkle in the sun.
      Work completed :
    • Reservoir – Glossy & Matte Vivid Black/ Candy Gold
    • Front fender – Glossy & Matte Vivid Black/ Candy Gold
    • Front Face – Glossy & Matte Vivid Black/ Candy Gold
    • Shock absorber – Candy Gold
    • Manifold – Ceramic Black
    • Rims – Matte Vivid Black/ Candy Gold
    • Front side covers – Vivid Black Brilliant
    • Center console – Glossy & Matte Vivid Black/ Candy Gold
    • Side crash bars – Gold Candy
    • Crash bar Av- Or Candy
    • Ar Buckle – Gold Candy
    • Spool cover – Candy Gold
    • Handguard – Vivid Black Shiny & Matte/ Gold Candy
    • Medallion Clutch – Bright Vivid Black/ Candy Gold
    • Deflectors – Vivid Black Brilliant
    • Front headlight – Smoked Gold
    • Directional Light – Smoked Gold
    • Windshield Mount – Vivid Black Mate / Candy Gold
    • Rear mudguard + Chain guide – Vivid Black Brilliant
    • Cylinder cover – Vivid Black Brilliant/ Candy Gold
    • Sprocket cover – Vivid Black Brilliant
    • Ignition Cover – Glossy Vivid Black/ Candy Gold

    Builder @melk