Harley-Davidson Fat Boy racing 114 by Melk Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy racing 114 by Melk Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy racing 114 by Melk Motorcycles



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Country France

Model H-D Fat Boy

Style Cruiser


Silent Valves – Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Air Filter – Machine Performance
Irridium Candle – NGK
Mud Guard Arr – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
3 in 1 LED band + Equalizer – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
Flignotants Av + Equalizer – Thunderbike
Mud Guard Av – BT choppers
Guidance – Thunderbike
Risers – Rick’s Motorcycles
Tire suspension – Thunderbike
Tailor made – MELK Painting Motorcycles
Grips – Performance Machine
Cales Feet – Performance Machine
Selector – Performance Machine
Support de plaque + LED + Plaque – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
Low Passing Mirrors
Derby Cover – Rick’s Motorcycles
Av wheel axis cover – Thunderbike
Arr Wheel Axis Hide – Thunderbike
Pop Up Cap – Harley Davidson
Black Motor Fishing – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
Black Sabre Fishing – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
Black Side Scrap – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
Black Foulie Fishing – MELK Painting & Motorcycles

Aesthetic Repair / Painting

A two color mix was done for this gorgeous Fat Boy 114.
We meet the Vivid Black as well as Gunship Grey present on the CVO Harley Davidson range.
In order to emphasize this very vogue color, a bright red has come to stand out on the inferior rockers, on the Logo Bar’n’Shield as well as on the overpiquures of the alcantara saddle.

Work done

Front Owl – Gunship Grey
Rear Mudguard – Gunship Grey
Tank – Gunship Grey
Side Scopes – Gunship Grey
Complete Forks – Vivid Black HD
Full Headlight Carriage – Vivid Black HD
Rims – Vivid Black HD
Superior Rockers – Vivid Black HD
Rockers Inferno – Rosso Corsa Ferrari
Carter Primary – Vivid Black HD
Carter Came – Vivid Black HD
Carter Transmission – Vivid Black HD
Lifterbase – Vivid Black HD
Spells – Vivid Black HD
Brake Pedal – Vivid Black HD
Full Selection – Vivid Black HD
Center Console – Vivid Black HD
Tank Pannel – Vivid Black HD
Poultry – Vivid Black HD
Time cover – Vivid Black HD/ Rosso Corsa Ferrari
Side Crack – Vivid Black HD


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