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Harley-Davidson Custom Fat Boy 114 by Melk Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Custom Fat Boy 114 by Melk Motorcycles



    Contact [email protected]

    Country France

    Model H-D Breakout

    Style Cruiser

    H-D Breakout parts


    Valved Exhaust – Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hide
    Air Filter – Arlen Ness
    Rear fender – BT Choppers
    Front Fender – Rick’s Motorcycles
    Dyno Mapping – DynoJet
    Custom Saddle and Pouf – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
    Tire Ar 260 – Metzeler
    Forward Controls – Rick’s Motorcycles
    Custom handlebars – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
    Meter – HD
    Air suspension – Platinum suspension
    Risers – Thunderbike
    Mirrors Low position
    Front mini LED indicators – Thunderbike
    Rear LED indicators – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
    Front & Rear Equalizer – Thunderbike
    Grips – Rick’s Motorcycles
    Selector – Rick’s Motorcycles
    Front & Rear Footrests – Rick’s Motorcycles
    Front & Rear Wheel Axle Cover – Thunderbike
    Swingarm cover – Thunderbike
    Remote License Plate + LED License Plate Light – Thunderbike
    Black Pulley Screws – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
    Screws Sabers Black – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
    Black Engine Hardware – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
    Pop-up cap – HD

    Aesthetic Preparation / Painting

    A technique of different layers of matte and glossy varnish was carried out on this latest generation Fat Boy.
    The calligraphy remained brilliant in order to contrast the different types of varnish.

    Work completed

    Reservoir, Smoothing and Custom Decoration – Vivid Black HD Gloss & Matte – Selective Varnish Technique
    Rear Fender – Vivid Black HD Mat
    Front Fender – Vivid Black HD Mat
    Fork – Vivid Black HD Gloss
    Fork Cowl – Vivid Black HD Gloss
    Headlight Surround – Vivid Black HD Gloss
    Front & Rear Rims – Vivid Black HD Glossy & Matt
    Air Filter – Vivid Black HD Glossy
    Superior Rockers – Vivid Black HD Glossy
    Lower Rockers – Vivid Black HD Matte
    Primary Housing – Vivid Black HD Gloss
    Derby Cover – Vivid Black HD Glossy
    Carter Transmission – Vivid Black HD Gloss
    Carter Came – Vivid Black HD Glossy
    Time Cover – Vivid Black HD Glossy
    Standoff Rods – Vivid Black HD Gloss
    Column Support – Vivid Black HD Glossy
    Side Scoops – Vivid Black HD Glossy
    Riser – Vivid Black HD Glossy
    Pulley – Vivid Black HD Glossy
    Belt Cover – Vivid Black HD Glossy
    Speedometer Bracket – Vivid Black HD Glossy
    Brake and Clutch Levers – Vivid Black HD Gloss
    Brake Pedal – Vivid Black HD Gloss
    Selection Stem – Vivid Black HD Glossy