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Suzuki Boulevard ‘Black Blue’ by Delta Custom Bikes

Suzuki Boulevard ‘Black Blue’ by Delta Custom Bikes



    Contact [email protected]

    Country Germany

    Model Suzuki Boulevard

    Style Cruiser

    • Rear stiletto fender with “Matrix” LED taillight
    • Aluminum license plate with turn signal bridge and Kellermann turn signals “Dark”
    • Frame cover suitable for the rear fender
    • 260/40R18 on original wheel, rim coated matt black
    • Original rim in front, matt black coated
    • Stahlflex brake lines front & rear, black
    • Zero Cool VA handlebar
    • Clutch & brake lever set milled from aluminum, black anodized
    • Original fittings coated black
    • OMP “Blade” mirror, black anodized
    • Steel tachometer housing, custom-made
    • Delta Plus headlight “M18” with Kellermann turn signals attached to the bracket
    • OMP aluminum footrest system, black anodized
    • genuine leather seat
    • Delta Plus exhaust system with adjustable end caps (“Snuffy’s”), pots glossy black enamelled, manifold wrapped with heat protection tape, end caps coated
    • Tribal front fender with VA brackets
    • Special painting with airbrush