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DARK KUSTOM > Harley Davidson V-Rod ‘Camo’ by Cult-Werk

Harley Davidson V-Rod ‘Camo’ by Cult-Werk

    Harley-Davidson v-rod muscle camouflage by cult-werk
    H-D Night Rod for sale

    H-D Night Rod for sale

    Builder CULT-WERK

    Contact [email protected]

    Country Austria

    Model Harley-Davidson V-Rod

    Style Muscle

    • Front fender “Custom” V2 with integrated air inlets (Cult-Werk)
    • Black fender screws on the side (Cult-Werk)
    • Achscover back in black (Cult-Werk)
    • black fork bridge screws (cult factory)
    • Headlight 50mm lower (Cult-Werk)
    • Night Rod Style Headlight Mask (Cult-Werk)
    • Fork Cover Kit “Black Tube” (Cult-Werk)
    • Airbox Cover “Custom” with integrated speedo (Cult-Werk)
    • Flat air cleaner cover (Cult-Werk)
    • Side cover Ram Air “Racing” (Cult-Werk)
    • Drag Bar Handlebar in black (Cult-Werk)
    • handlebar handles milled with CWC logo “Drag Style” in black
    • Brake and clutch cover “Custom” (Cult-Werk)
    • Milled fork caps with CWC logo “Custom” (Cult-Werk)
    • Screw Cover Kit black with CWC Logo “Custom” (Cult-Werk)
    • Screw Cover Kit black (Cult-Werk)
    • Radiator Cover “Racing” (Cult-Werk)
    • short riser 35mm in black (Cult-Werk)
    • Footpegs “Drag Style”
    • Mirror set “Custom”
    • Lima cover milled with CWC logo (Cult-Werk)
    • Derby Cover milled with CWC logo (Cult-Werk)
    • LED technology turn signal front black
    • All cables installed concealed (invisible in the handlebar!) This extremely clean look!
    • Perforated brake and clutch levers in black
    • Tankcover “GT” (Cult-Werk)
    • Airride (Arnott) thus rear axle infinitely height adjustable
    • Blinker in the back in black (Cult-Werk)
    • Indicator bracket angled forward (Cult factory)
    • LED turn signal in black including rear and brake light
    • side license plate holder with LED license plate light in black (Cult-Werk)
    • Heckumbau “Racing” – 2 seater version with indicated air intakes on the side (Cult-Werk)
    • Metal inner fender with wrist strap (Cult-Werk)
    • Seat conversion to version “Racing” in Porsche leather black (cult factory)
    • REMUS “Custom” complete system with EC / ABE in black
    • Wide tire conversion to 280 rear tires
    • Belt protection removed (clean look!)
    • perforated rearset in black
    • Achscover front milled in black with CWC logo (Cult-Werk)
    • Swing Cover in black milled with CWC logo (Cult-Werk)
    • Cam Cover (camshaft covers) in black with logo (Cult-Werk)
    • Rims suitable for special painting
    • SPECIAL PAINT “Camouflage Last Gold Edition”