Harley Davidson “Cult Racer” Sportster 48 by Cult-Werk

Harley Davidson “Cult Racer” Sportster 48 by Cult-Werk

Harley Davidson “Cult Racer” Sportster 48 by Cult-Werk



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Country Austria

Model H-D Sportster

Style Cafe Racer

  • Frontfender “Bobber” (Cult-Werk)
  • Achscover back in black (Cult-Werk)
  • Headlight “Old School” (Cult-Werk)
  • Bellows Black (Cult-Werk)
  • Fork cover above (Cult-Werk)
  • Milled fork caps with CWC logo (Cult factory)
  • Tank lift “Slotted” height adjustable! (Cult work)
  • Tank 45mm raised at the front
  • Wiring harness concealed under the tank
  • Tank cap with CWC logo milled
  • Ignition coil holder (Cult-Werk) concealed to make the view of the engine free
  • Air filter cover “Slotted” (Cult-Werk)
  • Side cover set “Bobber” (Cult-Werk)
  • Speedometer bracket at the side with speedometer cover (Cult-Werk)
  • Drag Bar handlebar in black (Cult-Werk)
  • Valve cover coated black
  • Bug spoiler “Bobber” (Cult-Werk)
  • Belt protection “short” (Cult-Werk)
  • Handlebar clamp black (cult factory)
  • Handlebar Grips with Milling (Cult-Werk)
  • “Old School” LED turn signal in front (Cult-Werk)
  • Mirror “Round”
  • Achscover front black with CWC logo milled (Cult-Werk)
  • Turn signal holder front (Cult-Werk)
  • Heckumbau “Cafe Racer” with saddle in real leather (cult factory)
  • Fenderstrut covers (Cult-Werk)
  • Turn signal holder rear double angled in black (Cult-Werk)
  • “Old School” LED rear / brake light and turn signal with E-mark
  • Side license plate holder with silent block mounting and LED license plate light in black (Cult-Werk)
  • Rear bumper cover with CWC logo milled (Cult-Werk)
  • Exhaust system with heat protection black coated with EG-ABE (Cult-Werk)
  • SPECIAL PAINT “Cult Racer Black Matt”


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