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Harley-Davidson Ultra Glide modified in the Bagger style

Harley-Davidson Ultra Glide modified in the Bagger style

    Harley-Davidson Ultra Glide modified in the Bagger style

    Harley-Davidson is a brand synonymous with power, grit, and style.

    The 2019 Harley-Davidson Ultra Glide, modified by Tommy&Sons from Lithuania, is a true testament to the beauty and power of the brand. The bike has been modified in the Bagger style and has been given a whole new lease of life by the expert craftsmen at Tommy&Sons.

    The most striking feature of this modified Harley Davidson Ultra Glide 2019 is the artwork on the body. The combination of grey with dark chessboard aerography accents gives the bike a sleek, powerful look. The intricate details of the work are impressive, making this bike a true work of art.

    The sound system on this bike is something to marvel at.

    The impressive equipment is perfect for any discerning audiophile. The sound system is made up of high-quality components that can produce crisp, clear audio. Listening to music on this bike is an unparalleled experience, with the bass rumbling through the frame and the high notes soaring through the wind.

    The T&S Wrapper front fender for the 5.5x 21″ and the Billow set rear fender and saddlebags are perfect for this Bagger-style motorcycle. They complement the sleek body design and give the bike a powerful profile. The overall design of the motorcycle is stunning and will turn heads wherever it goes.

    The dash console and bolt-on custom radiator cover give the bike an even more unique look. The Magnus seat pan is a perfect fit for the Magnus Bagger Set, providing a comfortable ride for the rider. The addition of the “Black Series” air filter and cam cover add to the sleek appearance of the motorcycle. The “Black Series” clutch and brake cylinder covers, clutch cover, and gas cap add a subtle, stylish touch to the polished appearance of the bike.

    The Black Series Hexa Driver Floorboards and Passenger Floorboards with Adjustable Mounts contribute to the sophisticated appearance of the motorcycle. The Black Series Latch cover Stripes and drop-style LED taillights and turn signals give the bike an edgy, modern look. The license plate holder MULTIFIT is perfect for the modern bike rider and adds a subtle touch of elegance to the bike.

    In conclusion, the 2019 Harley Davidson Ultra Glide modified by Tommy&Sons is an amazing work of art and engineering.

    The combination of powerful sound system, striking design, and quality parts makes this motorcycle truly special. The result is a bike that commands attention wherever it goes and one that any Harley-Davidson enthusiast would be proud to own.

    Builder @tommyandsons