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Harley Davidson Night Rod ‘Unique’ by Bad Boy Customs

Harley Davidson Night Rod ‘Unique’ by Bad Boy Customs

Harley Davidson Night Rod Unique by Bad Boy Customs

Introducing the Harley Davidson Night Rod motorcycle customized by Bad Boy Customs from Germany!

This stunning bike is a true masterpiece of style and power, perfectly embodying the “Muscle” aesthetic that Harley Davidson is known for.

Bad Boy Customs has taken this Night Rod to the next level with their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The list of customizations is extensive, making this bike a unique and head-turning work of art.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the modifications they’ve made:

  • Wheels Extension: Bad Boy Customs has equipped this Night Rod with their distinctive wheels extension, enhancing both the style and performance of the motorcycle.
  • Metzeler Marathon Tires: The 280/35 R18 Metzeler Marathon tires provide the perfect balance of grip and stability, ensuring a smooth and confident ride.

  • Exhaust System: The Bad Boy Customs 2-in-2 Black 001 exhaust system not only adds a bold aesthetic touch but also delivers an unmistakable rumble, giving this Night Rod an aggressive and powerful presence on the road.
  • Custom Air Box Cover: The custom air box cover adds a unique and personalized touch to the bike’s appearance, showcasing Bad Boy Customs’ attention to detail.

  • Fenders: Both the rear and front fenders have been customized by Bad Boy Customs, ensuring that every angle of this Night Rod is a sight to behold.
  • Front Fork and Headlight: The front fork, headlight, and riser are all Bad Boy Customs additions, contributing to the overall style and functionality of the motorcycle.

  • License Plate Holder: Even the license plate holder is custom-made by Bad Boy Customs, ensuring that every element of this bike is a reflection of their craftsmanship.
  • Shocks, Blinkers, Handlebar, and Accessories: Bad Boy Customs has left no stone unturned, with custom shocks, blinkers, handlebars, handlebar tips, mirrors, and even airbrushed details that elevate this Night Rod to a true work of art.

For those interested in learning more or possibly acquiring this one-of-a-kind Harley Davidson Night Rod by Bad Boy Customs, you can contact them at [email protected]

With their exceptional attention to detail and the unique style they bring to each project, Bad Boy Customs has created a motorcycle that’s sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression on any rider or enthusiast.

  • Wheels  extension Bad Boy Customs
  • Tires Metzeler Marathon 280/35 R18
  • Exhaust system Bad Boy Customs 2-in-2 Black 001
  • Air box cover Bad Boy Customs
  • Rear fender Bad Boy Customs
  • Front fender Bad Boy Customs
  • Front Fork Bad Boy Customs
  • Headlight Bad Boy Customs
  • Riser Bad Boy Customs
  • Headlights Bad Boy Customs
  • License plate holder Bad Boy Customs
  • Shocks  Bad Boy Customs
  • Blinker Bad Boy Customs
  • Handlebar Bad Boy Customs
  • Handlebar tips Bad Boy Customs
  • Mirror Bad Boy Customs
  • Airbrush Bad Boy Customs