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DARK KUSTOM > Harley-Davidson Forty Eight 1200 by Melk Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Forty Eight 1200 by Melk Motorcycles



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    Country France

    Model H-D Sportster

    Style Cruiser


    Swing Arm – Rick’s Motorcycles
    Rear Rim – Rick’s Motorcycles
    Pulley – Rick’s Motorcycles
    Rear Mud Guard – Rick’s Motorcycles
    Rear Tire 240 – Metzeler
    Avant tire – Metzeler
    Exhausts – Vances & Hines
    Air Filter – Screamin Eagle
    Power Bank Mapping – DynoJet
    12l Tank – DS
    Cache fork tubes – Cult Werk
    Drag bar handle – Fg
    Lighthouse Grille – RG
    LED Front Blinkers – TB
    Custom 3 in 1 taillights – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
    Candle Light – CW
    Candlemas – Screamin Eagle
    Meter Deport – CW
    Rockers Inferno Chrome – Harley Davidson
    Engine boot – TB
    Handlebar Bridge – JM
    Grips – Arlen Ness
    Front Foot Stags – Arlen Ness
    Back Foot Stocks – Arlen Ness
    Selector – Arlen Ness
    Side plate + plate + Led – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
    Fishing Engine – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
    Pop Up Cap – Harley Davidson

    Aesthetic Preparation / Painting

    A mix of black and red was done on this Forty Eight.
    We find the bright black Vivid Black Harley Davidson, highlighted by a red Ferrari on the tank delimitation.
    The calligraphy was also painted on the Rosso Corsa Ferrari to make a look back on some engine parts.
    A slight hint of matte black comes in to contrast this blend of red and glossy black.

    Work done

    Tank – Vivid Black HD/ Rosso Corsa Ferrari/ Vivid Black Mat HD
    Rear Mud Guard – Vivid Black HD
    Engine Sabotage – Vivid Black HD
    Side Scopes – Vivid Black HD
    Dazzling Arms – Vivid Black HD
    Superior Rockers – Vivid Black HD
    Tringlerie Complete – Vivid Black HD
    Brake Pedal – Vivid Black HD
    Derby Cover – Vivid Black HD/ Rosso Corsa Ferrari