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Harley-Davidson FLFBS 1868 Fat Boy 114 ‘Fat Man’ by Bündnerbike

Harley-Davidson FLFBS 1868 Fat Boy 114 ‘Fat Man’ by Bündnerbike



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    Country Switzerland

    Model H-D Fat Boy

    Style Cruiser

    The Harley Davidson Fat Boy is without a doubt the icon of the fat custom scene. It’s always been like that, it’s still like that, and it will always be like that. Nevertheless, Fat Boy is not just Fat Boy. Especially not at Bündnerbike. Here the Fat Man are also really revamped. Such as this Harley-Davidson FLFBS 1868 Fat Boy 114. The 23-inch front wheel of this magnificent piece, which has a beautiful black-matt special paint finish, catches the eye perfectly adjusted and of course FAKT-tested Bündnerbike chassis. A total work of art just waiting to conquer the local streets.

    Fat Boy parts

    • Bündnerbike rear conversion 3D with LED lamps
    • Bündnerbike air suspension with fact check
    • Bündnerbike Tank 3D
    • Bündnerbike air filter with MFK
    • Rims rear 18 inch front 23 inch
    • handlebar conversion
    • exhaust system dr Jekill & Mr Hyde
    • Number holder on the side
    • H-D Grips & Footpegs
    • leather saddle
    • Painted black-black matt
    • Attachments coated black