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CFMoto CL-C Low Ride ‘Custom Works’

CFMoto CL-C Low Ride ‘Custom Works’


CFMoto‘s Low Ride motorcycle seamlessly marries classic aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, creating a captivating blend of timeless style and modern innovation.

Hailing from China, CFMoto has steadily carved its niche as a reliable brand, gaining traction and acceptance within the discerning European market.

The Low Ride exudes the quintessential bobber vibe, boasting ‘fat’ wheels and a distinctive single-seat setup. Its muscular appearance is poised to captivate audiences across North America, while also appealing to enthusiasts in Europe.

True to its name, the ‘low rider’ essence is evident in its bobber-style solo seat, complemented by wide tires (130/90-16 at the front and 180/65-16 at the rear) and belt transmission, complying with legal requirements.

However, it’s the front section that truly commands attention.

Sporting a mandatory LED round headlight, the standout feature lies just beneath it—a solitary cross damper forming part of the front suspension system.

This system, akin to BMW’s Duolever or Hossack design, diverges by positioning the sole shock absorber in a horizontal-transverse arrangement rather than a vertical-longitudinal one.

Adding to its allure, the dual SC-Project exhausts, exiting from the right side, offer a glimpse into the Low Ride’s potent engine.

Underneath its sleek exterior lies the 450 LC parallel twin engine, renowned for its 270º crankshaft configuration, delivering the mandated 47 HP for A2 riders. Coupled with the 270º engine layout and the SC-Project exhausts, the Low Ride promises an audibly powerful presence despite its seemingly modest displacement.

In essence, CFMoto’s Low Ride motorcycle represents a harmonious amalgamation of classic bobber charisma and contemporary technological prowess, appealing to riders seeking a unique blend of heritage-inspired design and performance-driven engineering.