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Harley Fat Boy Evo by Custom Bobber Garage

Harley Fat Boy Evo by Custom Bobber Garage

    Harley Fat Boy Evo by Custom Bobber Garage

    Harley Davidson motorcycles have always been a symbol of American muscle, style, and power.

    The iconic brand has been around for over a century and continues to dominate the motorcycle market. One of the most popular Harley models is the Fat Boy, which has been gaining popularity since its introduction in the 1990s.

    Recently, Custom Bobber Garage in Switzerland has taken the Harley Fat Boy Evo to the next level by creating a one-of-a-kind motorcycle with modifications that are characteristic of the Bobber style.

    The Harley Davidson Fat Boy Evo is the last of the Evo years, which means it has a special significance, being the last in a series of iconic motorcycles that are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

    Many parts were removed to achieve this minimalistic look …

    … Including the rear fender, which has been replaced with a custom 130mm fender. The seat has been replaced with a custom leather one from Alex Leather Craft, and the gas tank by Cole Forster has also been custom-made. Additionally, the rear suspension has been replaced with a Müller model, and the front suspension has been upgraded to a Progressive suspension system.

    Other notable modifications include the 4 piston PM front brake, Bitwell grips, and a Motogadget tiny vintage instrument panel. The BSL Drag Race Outline exhaust system, combined with a custom small 5” headlight, blends seamlessly with the rest of the bike’s modifications.

    Overall, this Fat Boy Evo is a work of art, a testament to the skills of the Swiss engineers who brought it to life. It is a unique and beautiful motorcycle with a lot of character, proudly showcasing both the power and style that Harley Davidson enthusiasts love so much. Whether one is a collector or simply a bike enthusiast looking for something truly different, this particular Harley is to turn heads and draw attention wherever it goes.

    Fat Boy bobber parts

    • The whole electric was redone and pulled through the frame.
    • We minimized all parts that we don’t need on this bike.
    • Rear fender cut frame.
    • Led mini brake lights Kellermann.
    • Blinkers were removed.
    • Custom 130mm rear fender was used.
    • Alex Leather Craft seat, made in Germany.
    • Custom seat spring and bracket setup.
    • Custom seat pan bracket to cover up the whole electrical setup.
    • Custom Cole Forster Tank setup with new brackets. Frame was redone on top to get a flatline.
    • Custom brass screws were being used by almost the whole bike.
    • Rear suspension setup from Müller, adjustable.
    • Front suspension setup from Progressive suspension.
    • New steel brake line front.
    • PM front brake 4 piston.
    • PM Armature setup.
    • Custom switch bracket for buttons
    • Bitwell grips.
    • Low Voltage Regulator setup.
    • Tiny battery setup.
    • Motogadget tiny retro Tacho display.
    • BSL Drag race berlin outline with custom rear end piece exhaust system.
    • Custom small 5“ headlight.
    • EMD cylinder head covers.
    • CV carb cover custom.
    • And many more small parts.

    Owner @custombobbergarage