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Buell XB9S Lightning by Fredy motorcycles

Buell XB9S Lightning by Fredy motorcycles

    The best Buell XB9S Lightning 240

    The Buell XB9S Lightning is a bike that has won the hearts of many motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world, but the one that has caught our attention is the modified version by Fredy Motorcycles of Estonia.

    This bike is a beauty to behold, with a sleek and stylish appearance that will take your breath away. The bike has been updated with a new color scheme, which is a bright electric yellow that adds a touch of modernity to the design.

    One of the most notable features of this Buell is the custom RC Components and Assault Wheels. They provide the bike with a stunning aesthetic appeal while adding stability and control on the road.

    The 18″ x 4,25″ front wheel offers an unbeatable grip, while the 18″ x 8,5″ rear wheel provides unparalleled stability on the road. The 120/70ZR18 front tire and the 240/40R18 rear tire ensure smooth road handling, combined with the 11,75″ rear brake and 13″ front brake to deliver reliable stopping power.

    Fredy Motorcycles has done an excellent job in updating the design of this bike to a sleek and minimalist style.

    Fredy Design Parts, including the Rear Brake Caliper Adapter, Headlight Bracket, Brake Rotors, Black Engine, Front Fork, Front Axle, Front Hub, Rear Axle, Rear Hub, Body Kit, make up the distinctive look of this incredible machine.

    Additional accessories like the House of Kolor Custom Paint, Hydraulic Clutch Conversion, Brembo Front Brake Caliper, Brembo Rear Brake Caliper, 9R Upper Triple Clamp, Custom Front Fender, Custom Headlight, and Skull Timer Cover, add to the overall charm of this bike.

    The 12S Rear Shock and 9R Handlebar are undoubtedly the highlights. The former provides a smooth and comfortable ride, while the latter offers maximum control and comfort for the rider.

    Overall, the modified Buell XB9S Lightning by Fredy Motorcycles is a showstopper.

    It is a perfect example of how a bike can be customized to reflect the rider’s style and personality. The expert craftsmanship and attention to detail by Fredy Motorcycles are evident in every inch of this bike. It is, without a doubt, an impressive feat in the world of custom motorcycle building, and it is a bike that anyone would be proud to own.

    Buell parts

    • Tires Michelin Scorcher 240/40 R18
    • Wheels RC Components 8.5 x 18” 4,25 x 18″
    • Exhaust system Original 2-in-1 black
    • Body Kit Fredy
    • Front fender Bad Boy Customs
    • Airbrush House of Kolor
    • Rear Brake Caliper Adapter Fredy
    • Headlight Bracket Fredy
    • Brake Rotors Fredy
    • Black Engine Fredy
    • Front Fork Fredy
    • Front Axle Fredy
    • Front Hub Fredy
    • Rear Axle Fredy
    • Rear Hub Fredy
    • 11,75″ Rear Brake – 13″ Front Brake RC Components
    • Hydraulic Clutch Conversion
    • Brembo Front Brake Caliper
    • Brembo Rear Brake Caliper
    • 9R Upper Triple Clamp
    • Custom Front Fender
    • Custom Headlight
    • Skull Timer Cover
    • 12S Rear Shock
    • 9R Handlebar