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Behold the Sportster 48 – Owned and Crafted by CoalMoto

Behold the Sportster 48 – Owned and Crafted by CoalMoto


Meet this extraordinary Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty Eight, a masterpiece of customization owned and meticulously crafted by CoalMoto in the scenic landscapes of Germany. This motorcycle not only embodies the iconic Sportster legacy but also showcases a unique blend of style and functionality that sets it apart from the rest.

Olive Green with a Sleek Black Finish While most Harley-Davidson enthusiasts are accustomed to the dazzling allure of chrome, this Sportster Forty Eight takes a bold departure. Clad in a captivating olive green, it radiates a distinctive charm that’s hard to ignore.

Customization CoalMoto’s attention to detail shines through in the extensive list of modifications made to this beauty:

  • Achscover by Oldschool Brothers: Adding a touch of vintage flair.
  • LED Light BSB and LED Indicators: Modern illumination for enhanced visibility and safety.
  • 3in1 Back Indicators by Rizoma: A fusion of style and practicality.
  • Avon Tires: Delivering superior grip and handling.
  • ZBars from Fehling LZ 9 HD: A handlebar choice that complements style and bolsters rider control.
  • Derby and Timercover Willie G: Infusing the bike with Harley-Davidson’s legendary heritage.
  • Fender Chop by CoalMoto: A personalized touch to amplify its uniqueness.
  • Invisivin Cover: Maintaining a clean and streamlined look.
  • Customized Seat by @sattlerbros: Ensuring comfort while retaining style.
  • Avon Air Cushions Footpegs and Grips: Enhancing the overall riding experience.
  • Screws and Rockerboxxen Back Powder Coated: Combining functionality with aesthetics.
  • Vance & Hines Short Shots Black 2 in 2: Providing that unmistakable Harley-Davidson exhaust note.
  • Fuelpack 3: Fine-tuning the bike’s performance to perfection.

Each modification has been carefully chosen and executed, resulting in a Sportster Forty Eight that commands attention and offers a riding experience like no other.

CoalMoto’s Sportster Forty Eight represents the passion and creativity of motorcycle enthusiasts. It serves as a canvas where German craftsmanship harmoniously melds with the American legacy of Harley-Davidson. More than just a mode of transportation, this motorcycle symbolizing the freedom of the open road and the spirit of individuality.