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HD Road King Dark ‘Olive Gold’ owned by The Fat King

HD Road King Dark ‘Olive Gold’ owned by The Fat King


In the realm of motorcycles, few names evoke as much reverence and admiration as Harley-Davidson. The 2018 Harley-Davidson Road King Special is a testament to the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and design, and The Fat King from the Netherlands is the lucky owner of a true gem. This particular Road King Special is a sight to behold, with its unique features setting it apart from the crowd.

Sleek Olive Green Aesthetics

The olive green color of this Road King Special immediately draws attention. It’s a departure from the classic blacks and chromes that Harley-Davidson is often associated with, offering a more subdued yet commanding presence on the road. The olive green hue adds an air of sophistication, making it a bike that stands out while exuding an air of subtlety.

Embracing the Dark Side

What truly sets The Fat King’s Road King Special apart is its commitment to the dark side. This bike boasts a complete absence of chrome, with every inch of the bike’s exterior finished in sleek black. This aesthetic choice is a bold statement, giving the bike a stealthy and aggressive look that’s sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

Unique Handlebar and Safety Bars

One of the most striking features of this Road King Special is its black ape hanger handlebar. This elevated handlebar not only adds to the bike’s distinctive appearance but also enhances the rider’s comfort by providing a relaxed riding posture. Paired with the black front safety bars, the bike exudes an aura of confidence and security.

Rider’s Paradise

Comfort is of utmost importance for any motorcycle enthusiast, and this Road King Special doesn’t disappoint. The plush seating, ergonomic design, and thoughtful engineering make for a riding experience that’s as comfortable as it is thrilling. Whether cruising down the open highway or navigating city streets, The Fat King is sure to enjoy every moment on this remarkable machine.

In conclusion, its olive green color, blacked-out aesthetics, ape hanger handlebar, and safety bars all contribute to an unforgettable visual and riding experience. Comfort and style seamlessly blend, making this Road King Special a true standout in the world of motorcycles.

Photo Frencken