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20 Best custombike motorcycle builders | 2024

20 Best custombike motorcycle builders | 2024


When it comes to the best custom motorcycle brands, there are a multitude of options to choose from. Each brand has its own unique style, design, and engineering, making it difficult to compare them directly. However, there are several brands that stand out for their quality, innovation, and overall awesomeness.

First on the list is Harley-Davidson V-Rod , arguably the most well-known and iconic motorcycle brand in the world. Over the years, Harley has become synonymous with custom motorcycles, offering an impressive range of customization options that allow riders to personalize their machine to their liking. Harley’s strong brand recognition and reputation for quality make it a reliable choice for any custom bike enthusiast.

Next up is Indian Scout, another American classic motorcycle brand with a long history of producing top-quality machines. Indian has recently undergone a renaissance, thanks to a new lineup of bikes featuring modern technology and design elements mixed with traditional styling. Indian has a passionate and dedicated following, with riders looking for a bike that’s truly unique.

Moving on to the world of sports bikes, Ducati Diavel is a brand that’s hard to ignore. Known for their innovative designs and powerful engines, Ducati has been at the cutting edge of motorcycle engineering for years. Their bikes have an aggressive look and feel, and are designed for high-performance riding. Ducati’s superb reputation for craftsmanship and quality make it a top choice for riders looking for a unique, high performance custom motorcycle.

These are just a few of the best custom motorcycle models out there, each offering its own unique style and flavor. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, these brands offer an incredible range of options to choose from. So, take your time and find the one that best suits your own personal style and taste.

The 20 best custombike motorcycle builders

  1. Bad Boy Customs | Germany
  2. Rick’s Motorcycles | Germany
  3. BOX39 | Russia
  4. DD Design | United States
  5. Limitless Customs | United Kingdom
  6. Thunderbike | Germany
  7. Quality Customs | Australia
  8. Bündnderbike | Switzerland
  9. Walz Hardcores Cycles | Germany
  10. DGD Customs | Australia
  11. Cult Werk | Austria
  12. Killer Custom | Lithuania
  13. Tommy and Sons | Lithuania
  14. RB Machine | Lithuania
  15. BT Choppers | Poland
  16. Nine Hills Motorcycles | Poland
  17. Fredy Motorcycles | Estonia
  18. Kikas Design | Estonia
  19. Melk Motorcycles | France
  20. Hollister´s Motorcycles | Germany

1 Bad Boy Customs | Germany

2 Rick’s Motorcycles | Germany

3 BOX39 | Russia

4 DD Design | United States

5 Limitless Customs | United Kingdom

6 Thunderbike | Germany

7 Quality Customs| Austarlia

8 Bündnderbike | Switzerland

9 Walz Hardcores Cycles | Germany

10 DGD Customs | Australia

11 Cult Werk | Austria

12 Killer Custom | Lithuania

13 Tommy and Sons | Lithuania

14 RB Machine | Lithuania

15 BT Choppers | Poland

16 Nine Hills Motorcycles | Poland

17 Fredy Motorcycles | Estonia

18 Kikas Design | Estonia

19 Melk Motorcycles | France

20 Hollister´s Motorcycles | Germany