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Yellow Fever: The Enchanting Harley-Davidson V-Rod

Yellow Fever: The Enchanting Harley-Davidson V-Rod

Yellow Fever_ The Enchanting Harley-Davidson V-Rod

The Harley-Davidson V-Rod is an iconic motorcycle that has been turning heads for years.

Yellow Fever: The Enchanting Harley-Davidson V-Rod by Bad Boy Customs from Germany takes things to a whole new level, with its stunning color and customized features.

First of all, it’s hard not to miss the motorcycle’s spectacular shade of yellow. It’s a bold and eye-catching hue that perfectly complements the bike’s sleek and modern design. But what really sets this V-Rod apart from the rest is the impressive list of additions and modifications that have been done by Bad Boy Customs.

Starting with the exhaust system, the 2-in-2 Black by BBC not only looks great, but also offers improved performance and a more aggressive sound.

The wheels extension by BBC gives the bike an even more muscular and powerful appearance, while the Avon Cobra tires (measuring a whopping 300/35 R18) provide the necessary grip for a dynamic riding experience.

Other notable features include the custom air box cover by BBC, as well as the rear and front fenders that have been reworked by the skilled hands of Bad Boy Customs.

The front fork, headlight, riser, headlights, license plate holder, shocks, blinkers, handlebar, handlebar tips, mirror, and airbrush details have all been meticulously customized by BBC.

All of these modifications not only make the V-Rod by Bad Boy Customs a showstopper on the streets, but also add to its performance capabilities and overall ride quality. The attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship that has gone into this motorcycle is evident in every inch of its design.

From its one-of-a-kind color to its carefully crafted custom features, this bike is truly a sight to behold.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Harley-Davidson V-Rod by Bad Boy Customs, or would like to purchase one of your own, you can contact the company directly at [email protected]

Motorbike parts

  • Exhaust system 2-in-2 Black by BBC
  • Wheels  extension by BBC
  • Tires Avon Cobra 300/35 R18 
  • Air box cover by BBC
  • Rear fender by BBC
  • Front fender by BBC
  • Front Fork by BBC
  • Headlight by BBC
  • Riser by BBC
  • Headlights by BBC
  • License plate holder by BBC
  • Shocks by BBC
  • Blinker by BBC
  • Handlebar by BBC
  • Handlebar tips by BBC
  • Mirror by BBC
  • Airbrush by BBC