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DARK KUSTOM > Harley-Davidson Night Rod ‘GEO 300’ by Bad Boy Customs

Harley-Davidson Night Rod ‘GEO 300’ by Bad Boy Customs


    The Harley-Davidson Night Rod ‘GEO 300’ by Bad Boy Customs from Germany is an incredibly unique and aesthetically stunning motorcycle.

    It is not only a beauty to look at, but it also has incredible performance enhancements that impact the rider’s overall experience.

    One of the first things that catches our eye is the spectacular color of the bike with its mustard yellow shade. This custom color is what sets the GEO 300. It brings a level of boldness and uniqueness to the design that cannot be ignored.

    The Vance and Hines Competition Series 2-in-1 Black exhaust system provides enhanced exhaust performance and an all-around better sound. It delivers an aggressive rumble that fills the rider with satisfaction and an exciting adrenaline rush.

    The extension of the wheels by Bad Boy Customs presents an exciting twist to the GEO 300’s overall appearance.

    Coupled with the tires (Avon Cobra 300/35 R18 and Metzeler Marathon 280/35 R18), they create a motorcycle that looks powerful and ready to take on the road.

    The airbox cover, rear fender, front fender, front fork, and headlight all designed by Bad Boy Customs add an unprecedented level of exclusivity to the overall look of the bike.

    With all of these features, this motorcycle will undoubtedly turn heads on the streets of Germany and any other location it visits.

    The accessories by Bad Boy Customs for this bike are extensive- including a riser, headlights, license plate holder, shocks, blinker, handlebar, handlebar tips, mirror, and airbrush. Each of these is individualized to give the bike an exclusive and unforgettable style.

    In conclusion, the Harley-Davidson ‘GEO 300’ by Bad Boy Customs from Germany is a motorcycle that looks as spectacular as it sounds with its Vance and Hines Competition Series 2-in-1 Black exhaust system.

    Bad Boy Customs has created a build that undoubtedly makes a statement in the custom bike industry. The attention to detail in their design, from the air box cover to the rear fender, is admirable. The Geo 300 is a perfect example of how a beautiful piece of art can also be a highly functional vehicle.

    H-D GEO 300 parts

    • Exhaust system Vance and Hines Competition Series 2-in-1 Black
    • Wheels  extension Bad Boy Customs
    • Tires Avon Cobra 300/35 R18 
    • Air box cover Bad Boy Customs
    • Rear fender Bad Boy Customs
    • Front fender Bad Boy Customs
    • Front Fork Bad Boy Customs
    • Headlight Bad Boy Customs
    • Riser Bad Boy Customs
    • Headlights Bad Boy Customs
    • License plate holder Bad Boy Customs
    • Shocks  Bad Boy Customs
    • Blinker Bad Boy Customs
    • Handlebar Bad Boy Customs
    • Handlebar tips Bad Boy Customs
    • Mirror Bad Boy Customs
    • Airbrush Bad Boy Customs