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V-Rod, crafted by the artisans at Wall Street Kustoms

V-Rod, crafted by the artisans at Wall Street Kustoms



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    Country Australia

    Model Harley-Davidson Night Rod

    Style Muscle

    Revving down the streets of Australia, the Harley-Davidson V-Rod muscle motorcycle, crafted by the artisans at Wall Street Kustoms, is a testament to power and style.

    This Aussie-modified beast boasts a 300 rear wheel paired with a commanding large-diameter front wheel, exuding an unmistakable presence on the road.

    But it’s not just about brawn; this V-Rod is a canvas of customization. Adorned in a bespoke honeycomb paint job, every curve and angle speaks volumes about attention to detail and individuality.

    The craftsmanship extends to the wheels, courtesy of @mccully_customs, adding a touch of exclusivity and finesse to an already formidable machine.

    This isn’t your typical ride; it’s a statement—a fusion of raw power and artistic expression that captures the essence of Australian modification style.

    It’s a tribute to the road, the craft, and the thrill of riding that resonates far beyond its steel and chrome. With every roar of its engine and every twist of the throttle, this V-Rod embodies the spirit of freedom and the allure of the open road.