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Revving Up the Roads: V-Rod Supercharger by Cabeça de Ferro

Revving Up the Roads: V-Rod Supercharger by Cabeça de Ferro

    Revving Up the Roads_ V-Rod Supercharger by Cabeça de Ferr


    Contact @cabeca_de_ferro

    Country Brazil

    Model Harley-Davidson Night Rod

    Style Big ass

    Get ready to embark on a thrilling ride as we delve into the details of the extraordinary V-Rod, transformed into a powerhouse with the TTS Supercharger by the master craftsmen at Cabeça de Ferro.

    Engine Powerhouse

    Underneath the sleek exterior lies a 1130cc stock internals engine that forms the heart of this beast. What sets it apart? The TTS Supercharger, pushing the performance to an impressive 155 horsepower. Brace yourself for an unparalleled riding experience.

    Precision Control with Thundermax ECU

    Managing the power delivery is the Thundermax ECU, ensuring precision control and optimal performance at every twist of the throttle. This dynamic duo of engine and ECU creates a harmonious symphony of power and efficiency.

    Bold Aesthetics

    The visual appeal of this V-Rod is impossible to ignore, with an 18″ x 10.5″ solid front wheel paired with a massive 300/35 x 18 tire, commanding attention on the road. The rear follows suit with an 18″ x 13″ solid wheel wrapped in a substantial 360/30 x 18 tire, ensuring both style and stability.

    Stopping Power

    Equipped with Performance Machine 6-piston front calipers, this V-Rod not only accelerates like a dream but comes to a stop with equal precision and efficiency.

    Customized Excellence

    Cabeça de Ferro’s signature touch extends to every aspect of this machine. From the handlebar to the XXL Triple Trees, airbox, and tail – all meticulously crafted by Cabeça de Ferro. The result? A seamless blend of performance and aesthetics.

    Attention to Detail

    A Supertrapp muffler adds a throaty roar to the exhaust note, while the Cyclops headlight and Billet Projection auxiliary lights illuminate the way with style and functionality.

    Legend Blue Elegance

    The visual masterpiece is complete with a Legend Blue paint job, showcasing the meticulous painting skills of Cabeça de Ferro. This V-Rod is not just a bike; it’s a legend on wheels.

    Connect with Cabeça de Ferro

    For those seeking a ride that combines power, style, and craftsmanship, Cabeça de Ferro is the go-to name. Connect with them on Instagram @CabeçaDeFerro (Brazil) to explore more of their awe-inspiring creations and to make your own custom dreams a reality. Ride on, in style and power!

    Photographer @GabrielEkermannFiori