► Screamin ‘Eagle engine OuterLimit by Thunderbike

► Screamin ‘Eagle engine OuterLimit by Thunderbike

► Screamin ‘Eagle engine OuterLimit by Thunderbike


Builder Thunderbike

Contact [email protected]
Country Germany


Brand Harley-Davidson
Model “OuterLimit”
Style Dragster


This bike is a fairly well-defined customer order.

These were the specifications:

Super sporty appearance, neat pressure in the engine, big wheels and powerful brakes. Design and paint based on the Lamborghini Aventador (which the client already has in his garage).

And most important: Easy to use and easy to drive.

For this bine we chose our TBR framework.

132mm caster, 1780mm wheelbase, + 125mm length (vs HD Softail) and 36 ° steering angle. With such data, a functional and well mobile custom bike is created. In addition a 120R Screamin ‘Eagle engine for the necessary Bums combined with current HD technology and electronics for easy handling.

Air suspension front and rear for a decent ground clearance and a 260er tire running in the middle.

Two big 340mm floating discs with radial calipers ensure a good deceleration even with the 23″ front wheel.


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