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Harley-Davidson Dragstyle ‘RS-R’ by Thunderbike

Harley-Davidson Dragstyle ‘RS-R’ by Thunderbike

    Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle “RS-R 2K16” by Thunderbike

    Custom motorcycle builders have always strived to push the boundaries of design and performance, and Thunderbike is no exception. The Thunderbike Dragster Frame ‘RS-R’ is a testament to their dedication to craftsmanship and innovation. Let’s take a closer look at the various modifications that went into creating this remarkable motorcycle.

    The Foundation: Thunderbike Dragster RS Framekit Base 2010

    At the core of the Thunderbike Dragster ‘RS-R’ lies the Dragster RS Framekit Base from 2010. This base provides the sturdy foundation upon which the rest of the modifications are built.

    Heart and Muscle: Harley-Davidson Twin Cam EFI Engine

    Powering this beast is a Harley-Davidson Twin Cam EFI Engine with a 110-cubic-inch Screamin’ Eagle kit, delivering a formidable 108PS of power. The roar of this engine is sure to make a statement on the road.

    Inhale and Exhale: Air Cleaner and Exhaust

    Breathing freely, thanks to the K&N air cleaner, and bellowing with authority through the Thunderbike Funride exhaust, this machine means business.

    Smooth Shifting: Harley-Davidson 6-Speed Gear

    Mated to this potent engine is a Harley-Davidson 6-speed transmission, ensuring that power is delivered smoothly to the rear wheel.

    Clutch Control: Thunderbike RS Clutch

    The Thunderbike RS clutch adds precision and control to the gear shifts, enhancing the riding experience.

    Custom Paintwork: Ingo Kruse / Kruse Design

    No Thunderbike custom build is complete without the artistry of Ingo Kruse and Kruse Design, who have applied their paintwork to give the RS-R a unique and striking appearance.

    Aggressive Geometry: Rake and Trailing

    With a 40-degree rake and a 115mm trailing, the Thunderbike Dragster ‘RS-R’ boasts an aggressive stance that’s sure to turn heads.

    Single-Sided Swingarm: Thunderbike RS

    The single-sided swingarm not only looks fantastic but also aids in enhancing the handling of the bike.

    Air Ride Suspension: Thunderbike Air Ride

    Comfort and adjustability are provided by the Thunderbike Air Ride suspension, allowing you to tailor the ride to your preferences.

    Finishing Touches: Grips, Footpegs, and More

    Thunderbike RS Grips, K-Tech clutch and brake cylinders, V-Tech Sport footpegs, and a host of other custom components contribute to the motorcycle’s unique character.

    Thunderbike RS R Series: Fuel Tank and Fenders

    The Fuel Tank and Fenders, both from the Thunderbike RS R series, add to the overall aesthetics of the bike, complementing its aggressive design.

    Illuminating the Way: Headlamp

    The Thunderbike Time Crack headlamp not only lights the way but also adds to the bike’s distinctive appearance.

    Comfort on the Go: Thunderbike Seat

    The Thunderbike/Ankert seat offers a comfortable perch for the rider, making long journeys a pleasure.

    Front and Rear: Thunderbike RS Front End and Rims

    The Thunderbike RS front end and Vegas Cut rims, with Metzeler tires and Thunderbike brake components, ensure that the RS-R handles as good as it looks.

    In conclusion, the Thunderbike Dragster Frame ‘RS-R’ is not just a motorcycle; it’s a work of art and engineering combined. The Thunderbike team has poured their passion and expertise into every detail, creating a machine that is sure to be the envy of riders and custom bike enthusiasts alike. With its powerful performance and eye-catching design, the Thunderbike Dragster ‘RS-R’ is a true masterpiece on two wheels.

    • Frame-Kit “Dragster RS”
    • Thunderbike Front End “RS”
    • Handlebar RS alu
    • Headlight Time Crack
    • Thunderbike RSR wheel
    • Clutch- and master cylinder RS alu.
    • Micro Switches set “RS”
    • Forward control kit Base-Hole
    • Toppers Base
    • Internal spiral grip set “Müller”
    • Grips 1″ Phantom
    • Kellermann Rhombus DF 3in1 LED turn signal set 
    • Engine bracket Classic
    • Ignition switch
    • Stripe LED Turn Signal Set
    • Front fender RS 
    • Motogadget Motoscope Mini
    • Bracket for Digital Desktop Motogadget
    • Side mount license for single side swingarm
    • License plate lighting Down & Inside plate