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Have you ever seen a Night Rod that looked like a big monster?

Have you ever seen a Night Rod that looked like a big monster?

    Have you ever seen a Night Rod that looked like a big monster

    Have you ever seen a Harley-Davidson Night Rod that looked like a big monster?

    If not, then you have to check out the customization done by QUALITY CUSTOMS in Australia. They modified a Night Rod from 2017 with an amazing style known as the BIG MONSTER. One of the most outstanding modifications is the huge rear tire, which makes it look like a beast on the road.

    The first change that you’ll notice is the DGD Custom V-Rod 26″ Front Fender, which is wrapped in steel. It has been specifically designed to suit Night Rod models ranging from 2012 onwards and a 26″ wheel. This modification gives the motorcycle a bold and rugged look that will make other riders turn their heads.

    Be prepared to be amazed by the DGD 360 Rear fender, which creates an iconic aesthetic for the modified Night Rod. The elegant curves of the black paint job with a classy red gradient, courtesy of Custom Paint By Livin Loco, adds up to the bike’s overall astounding look. It’s no wonder that everyone will now want to ride along this beauty on the road.

    QUALITY CUSTOMS upgrade the 2017 Night Rod with the TTS Supercharger Kit ROTREX.

    This addition is the ultimate modification that makes the motorbike run like a champ. The Burleigh Bars and Arnott Air Ride are also added to ensure a comfortable and smooth ride with a lot of accessories that make this motorcycle one of a kind.

    The V-Rod NRS Chain Drive Kit by DGD CUSTOM is a modification kit designed to convert the bike from a belt to a chain drive, retaining the stock cush drive assembly. This kit has a 57T rear sprocket and 22T front sprocket, which is as close to a 28T belt setup that anyone can get, making their ride more comfortable than ever before.

    Last but not least, the 360 Swing Arm kit by DGD CUSTOM is created to suit an 18×13 rear wheel with a 360 Tyre. The 8 Degree V-Rod Rake Kit – Gloss Black Finish is designed to work with a 26″ front wheel on your V-Rod with inverted forks, resulting in a robust-looking motorcycle perfect for the road.

    In conclusion

    The customization of the Night Rod by QUALITY CUSTOMS in Australia is outstanding. It’s a unique style, and the BIG MONSTER modification gives it a look that you will not forget. With the added modifications from DGD CUSTOM, it makes this bike an absolute beauty, with the added versatility of a chain-driven system and sleek features that make your ride more comfortable than ever before.