▷ Harley VRod muscle Custom “Snake Rod” by Killer Custom

▷ Harley VRod muscle Custom “Snake Rod” by Killer Custom

▷ Harley VRod muscle Custom “Snake Rod” by Killer Custom



Contact [email protected]

Country Lithuania

Brand Harley Davidson

Model Night Rod Special 

Name “Snake Rod”

Style Muscle

✅ Night Rod Custom review

Our signature V-Rod builds have two things in common – stock rear fenders are always chopped-out and metal parts almost always blacked-out! We never found stock V-Rods good looking, so we got a formula that always makes the V-Rod stand-out. No expensive parts – almost all original. Stock front and rear suspension, wheels, swingarms, etc. It’s enough to put a full body kit and some accessories to have the result like this.

Most of the parts we use on our builds are manufactured by us, so shop this look below without spending tons of money to get the same aggressive look! Almost on all of our builds we use the same handlebar, grips, front fork covers, and lowering kits, as it always works to get that mean look of the V-Rod! [email protected]

✅ Night Rod Custom parts

✅ Night Rod Custom images

Review of Harley VRod muscle Custom "Snake Rod"


VRod look8.1
VRod body7.8
VRod parts7.8
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 8.4

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