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Harley VRod muscle custom ‘Violator I’ by Bad Land

Harley VRod muscle custom ‘Violator I’ by Bad Land

Harley-Davison V-Rod Violator by Bad Land

The Harley VRod Muscle Custom by Bad Land from Japan is a truly exceptional motorcycle that is to turn heads wherever you go.

With a sleek black finish and custom-designed features.

The first thing that is striking about the Bad Land Harley VRod Muscle is its wheels. These are hardcore cycles that measure 9×18″ in the rear and 4×18” in the front, giving the bike a robust look that is to impress. The Metzeler Marathon tires are also impressive, with a width of 280/35 R18.

The exhaust system on this bike is one of the most unique and attention-grabbing features. The Bad Land 2-in-2 black exhaust is to grab attention and get you noticed. The air box cover, rear fender, front fender, and radiator cover are also all custom-designed by Bad Land, giving the bike a unique look that stands out from the crowd.

The front fork on the Harley VRod Muscle has been upgraded to an SJP fork, which offers improved stability and handling on the road. The Clione Speed seat is another high-quality feature that adds both comfort and style to this bike. The headlight is an RSB model, and the airbrush work has been done by Bush Art, adding a unique touch to this already stunning motorcycle.

The brake caliper on this bike is from Performance Machine, ensuring that you have the stopping power you need when you need it. The handlebar is another custom-designed piece from Bad Land, adding to the overall style and comfort of the bike.

The wide swingarm is from Rick’s Motorcycle, and the rear shock is a Legend air ride system, offering unbeatable handling and comfort on the road.

The front control is from Rebuffini, and the foot control is a custom-designed piece from Bad Land. LED turn signals are provided by Ken’s Factory, as are the mirrors and grips, adding yet another touch of customization to this one-of-a-kind motorcycle.

The Harley VRod Muscle Custom by Bad Land is truly a work of art.

From its custom-designed features to its powerful performance, this motorcycle is to impress anyone who sees it. If you’re seeking a unique and high-quality motorcycle that offers both style and performance, the Bad Land Harley VRod Muscle will not disappoint. Contact [email protected] for more information.

VRod muscle parts

  • Wheels Hardcore Cycles 9×18″ 4×18”
  • Tires Metzeler Marathon 280/35 R18
  • Exhaust system Bad Land 2-in-2 black
  • Air box cover Bad Land
  • Rear fender Bad Land
  • Front fender Bad Land
  • Radiator Cover Bad Land
  • Front Fork SJP
  • Seat Clione Speed
  • Headlight RSB
  • Airbrush Bush Art
  • Brake caliper Performance Machine
  • Handlebar Bad Land
  • Wide swingarm Rick’s Motorcycle
  • Rear shock Legend air ride system
  • Front control Rebuffini
  • Foot control Bad Land
  • LED Turn signal Ken’s Factory
  • Mirror Ken’s Factory
  • Grip Ken’s Factory