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Harley Davidson V Rod ‘Scuderia’ by No Limit Custom

Harley Davidson V Rod ‘Scuderia’ by No Limit Custom

    Harley-Davidson Night Rod Scuderia No Limit Custom

    The iconic motorcycle brand Harley Davidson has always been known for its sleek designs and powerful engines. However, a German custom motorcycle shop by the name of No Limit Custom has taken this to a whole new level with their latest creation – the Harley Davidson V Rod ‘Scuderia’.

    One of the first things that stands out on this incredible bike is the tires. The V Rod ‘Scuderia’ is fitted with Metzeler Marathon 280/35 R18 tires, providing both excellent grip and a statement look. Combined with the deep glossy black of the bike’s custom paint job, the tires pop even more.

    On the topic of custom design, No Limit Custom has gone all out with every single detail on this motorcycle. The exhaust system, for example, is a NLC 2-in-2 black system. The headlight, front fender, rear fender, radiator cover, and even the airbox cover, all proudly sport the No Limit Custom logo.

    Of course, the mechanical aspect of the bike is just as important as its aesthetic. The swingarm and fork are both custom designed by No Limit Custom. To top it all off, the motor cover and front controls have also been customized by the talented team. With such an attention to detail, there’s no doubt that the V Rod ‘Scuderia’ runs as good as it looks.

    On the practical side of things, No Limit Custom has gone the extra mile to create a beautiful and comfortable seat for the rider. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or tackling a tough stretch of road, the V Rod ‘Scuderia’ promises to be a comfortable ride.

    It’s evident that NLC has poured their passion and skill into the Harley Davidson V Rod ‘Scuderia’. From the handcrafted components to the specially designed paint job, every aspect of this bike screams excellence.

    Of course, this unique machine wouldn’t be complete without the No Limit Custom signature logo printed along the length of the bike.

    For those looking to experience the V Rod ‘Scuderia’ for themselves, you’ll need to contact No Limit Custom directly: [email protected]. However, with such spectacular design and engineering, it’s worth making the effort to do so. You won’t be disappointed by this exceptional motorcycle, proudly designed and made in Germany.

    No Limit Custom parts

    • Tires Metzeler Marathon 280/35 R18
    • Exhaust System NLC  2-in-2 Black
    • Headlight No Limit Custom  
    • Front Fender No Limit Custom  
    • Rear Fender No Limit Custom 
    • Radiator Cover No Limit Custom  
    • Airbox cover No Limit Custom  
    • Swingram No Limit Custom 
    • Fork  No Limit Custom  
    • Motor Cover No Limit Custom
    • Front Controls No Limit Custom
    • Seat No Limit Custom
    • Painter No Limit Custom