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Harley Davidson V Rod ‘Special’ by Fredy motorcycles

Harley Davidson V Rod ‘Special’ by Fredy motorcycles

Fredy from Estonia has created a one-of-a-kind Harley Davidson V Rod that sports a Big Ass style with a 300-wide wheel at the back.

The project involved several design parts by Fredy as well as other accessories, and it turned out to be a masterpiece. The bike looks exceptionally stylish, with a black color scheme that accentuates its unique design.

The bike’s wheels are undoubtedly one of the most remarkable features of this Night Rod. They are Outlaw Wheels by RC Components with an 18″ x 10.5″ rear and an 18″ x 5.5″ front. The 300/35VR18 rear tire is wider than usual, making the bike seem more substantial and aggressive. The 200/50R18 front tire sits lower on the ground, completing the bike’s dynamic appearance.

One of the critical aspects of modifying a bike is to ensure it remains functional and safe. Hence, Fredy incorporated a dual 13″ front brake to assure the rider complete control when braking.

Other functionality features like the Öhlins Rear Suspension, KYB Front Fork, and Triple Trees allow riders to handle the bike efficiently and comfortably, even over rough terrains.

Fredy design parts are prominent in this Harley-Davidson Night Rod. The Rear and Front Brake Rotors, Speedo Housing, Instrument Bracket, and Exhaust System are custom-made pieces for the bike. The Rear Rotor and Tail Light are also part of Fredy’s design. The handlebar and headlights follow Harley-Davidson’s design language but stand out with their unique black finishes.

The bike’s overall design is impressive, with the front fender, rear fender, seat, and other parts in matching colors and design, making the Night Rod look sleek and well put together. In addition, the pivot shaft, front axle, rear axle, and rear fork all contribute to the bike’s stability and ease of use while riding.

The brake pedal pad, pivots shaft covers, and rear axle covers are other accessories present that add to the Night Rod’s grandeur. The hand grips, shifter pegs, and footpegs enhance the rider’s grip and control, ensuring that the rider has an enjoyable experience while riding this unique bike.

In conclusion, Freddy’s modified Night Rod is an exceptional work of art.

The “Big Ass” style with the 300-wide rear wheel and other design features make it a standout bike. The custom-made design parts by Fredy and other accessories complement the bike’s style and function, making it a sought-after piece by motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.