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Harley Davidson Night Rod Custom “Suzuka” by 69Customs


Night Rod Custom parts


  • Airbox NLC
  • Frame covers NLC
  • Rear fender NLC with steel base
  • GFK front fender
  • CNC milled fork sleeves
  • LED headlights darkened black
  • Drag pipes
  • 280 on 10×18 rear wheel kit “69Customs”
  • LegendAir Airride with push-button handle
  • Dragbicenkenker with cable inside
  • short riser
  • Seat Alcantara. with smooth side. (R8 look)
  • Handlebar tail light Motogadget
  • LED turn signal behind
  • Aluminum underhand mirror CNC machined black anodized
  • Turn Signal Holder CNC Mills Rear 69Customs
  • Side license plate holder 69Customs CNC Milled
  • Clutch / hand brake lever black powder-coated
  • Start-up shock absorber black powder-coated
  • Shift / brake lever black powder-coated
  • Brake grille front and rear black powder coated
  • Grille cooling hose black powder coated
  • Paint SuzukaGrey / Tachometer rear wheel (R8V10)

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