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AirRide VRod Customs by Dave Willems Motorcycles

AirRide VRod Customs by Dave Willems Motorcycles


    Unveiling the AirRide VRod Customs: A Masterpiece by Dave Willems Motorcycles in the Netherlands

    Are you ready to experience the epitome of motorcycle customization? Look no further than the AirRide VRod Customs, a breathtaking creation by the talented artisans at Dave Willems Motorcycles, hailing from the picturesque country of the Netherlands.

    Let’s delve into the impressive features that make this VRod a true standout:

    Speed Demon Exhaust
    Feel the power and hear the roar with the Speed Demon exhaust system, delivering an exhilarating auditory experience that matches the bike’s performance.

    VRSDX Calipers and Galver Brake Discs
    Precision meets control with the VRSDX calipers and Galver brake discs, ensuring optimal braking performance and rider safety.

    VRSCDX Swingarm Customization
    The VRSCDX swingarm gets a unique touch courtesy of Dave Willems Custom Motorcycles, adding a distinctive flair to the bike’s rear profile.

    Widened Rear Wheel with 280 Metzeler Tire
    Command the road with a widened rear wheel boasting a 280 Metzeler tire, providing both style and stability in every ride.

    Custom-Made Triple Trees and Shortened Front Legs
    The front-end modifications, including custom-made triple trees and shortened front legs, contribute to the VRod’s aggressive stance and responsive handling.

    Arnot AirRide Rear Suspension
    Enjoy a smooth and adjustable ride with the Arnot AirRide rear suspension system, adding a touch of sophistication to your biking experience.

    RSD Grips/Footpegs/Shift Rod
    The attention to detail extends to the rider’s interface with RSD grips, footpegs, and a shift rod, combining style and functionality seamlessly.

    Custom-Made AirRide Front System
    Developed entirely by Dave Willems Custom Motorcycles, the AirRide front system features a large compressor and custom air tank, ensuring a comfortable ride. This versatile system can be mounted on multiple engines.

    Jack Lomax Rear Fender and Seat Customization
    The rear fender and seat, both crafted by Dave Willems Custom Motorcycles, showcase the team’s dedication to creating a cohesive and visually stunning motorcycle.

    Smartphone Integration as Dashboard/Mirror
    Embrace modern technology with a smartphone serving as the dashboard and mirror, thanks to a camera cleverly integrated into the license plate.

    Powder Coating and Spraying
    The finishing touches are impeccable, with powder coating by Th Powder Coating and spraying by Jf Customs, ensuring longevity and a flawless appearance.

    In summary, the AirRide VRod Customs is not just a motorcycle; it’s a masterpiece born from the passion and craftsmanship of Dave Willems Motorcycles.

    For those seeking a ride that transcends convention, contact [email protected] and elevate your biking experience to new heights.

    VRod parts

    • Speed Demon exhaust
    • VRSDX calipers
    • Galver brake discs
    • Vrscdx swingarm customized by Dave Willems Custom Motorcycles
    • Widened rear wheel 10 y with 280 Metzeler tire
    • Front wheel 5.5 j wide with 200 tire Metzeler tire customized by Dave Willems Custom Motorcycles
    • Custom made triple trees Dave Willems Custom Motorcycles
    • Shortened front legs Dave Willems Custom Motorcycles
    • Arnot airride rear
    • Rsd grips / footpegs / shift rod
    • Custom made Airride front the whole system was developed by Dave Willems Custom motorcycles. (Large compressor and custom air tank etc.) This set can be mounted on multiple engines
    • Jack lomax rearfender customized by Dave Willems Custom Motorcycles
    • Jack lomax seat customized by Dave Willems Custom Motorcycles
    • Saddle cover Rudi cover
    • Powder Coating Th Powder Coating
    • Spraying Jf Customs
    • Smartphone as dashboard/mirror via camera on license plate