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Harley-Davidson Breakout ‘GTO6 Petrolwire’ by Büendnerbike

Harley-Davidson Breakout ‘GTO6 Petrolwire’ by Büendnerbike

Harley-Davidson Breakout 'GTO6 Petrolwire' by Büendnerbike

Every line, curve, and detail of this custom motorcycle speaks to the singular purpose it was designed for: to thrill riders.

It stands as a masterpiece, seamlessly weaving the heritage of Bündnerbike styling with contemporary elements to curate an unparalleled riding experience. Beyond being a mere mode of transportation, this Breakout embodies an expression of style and individuality for those fortunate enough to take it on the road.


The transformation of this Graubünden bike is an outstanding testament to the harmonious union of tradition and individuality. It harmonizes proven “Breakout” original parts with intricately handcrafted, one-of-a-kind elements from the world of Bündnerbike design, elevating this motorcycle to a realm of unparalleled uniqueness.


Utilizing original rims, front forks, rear swingarm, and the complete braking system not only ensures top-tier performance but also maintains an authentic connection with the bike’s origin. The conscious decision to integrate the air filter further preserves its original character, paying homage to its roots.


The inclusion of pneumatic air suspension technology for motorcycles enables riders to continuously fine-tune the ride height and suspension characteristics. This innovative adjustment, facilitated by compressed air, provides a multitude of advantages, ensuring both driving stability and rider safety across diverse terrains and situations.


  • Bündnerbike tank
  • Bündnerbike front fender
  • Bündnerbike 3D fender with LED
  • Bündnerbike number plate with LED
  • Tailor-made quilted Bündnerbike seat

  • Bündnerbike gas and clutch handles
  • Custom Bündnerbike handlebars
  • Bündnerbike CNC footrests
  • Recessed and keyless Bündnerbike tank cap
  • Engine parts coated in specially matte black powder
  • Wheels finished in glossy black powder coat


  • Kess Tech flap exhaust system
  • Bündnerbike front fork covers with 49mm telescopic fork, dual spring rates, dual bending valve, and light metal fork clamps
  • Stepless rear air suspension by Bündnerbike
  • Original H-D brakes: four-piston fixed caliper at the front and two-piston floating caliper at the rear
  • Original H-D brake discs: Floating single disc with split 7 spokes at the front and rear

This Büendnerbike reimagining of the Harley-Davidson Breakout GTO6 Petrolwire stands as a beacon of innovation, bespoke craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to both rider satisfaction and distinctive style.