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Dubbed the Aliense, the Ducati XDiavel designed by Box39

Dubbed the Aliense, the Ducati XDiavel designed by Box39

    Dubbed the Aliense, the Ducati XDiavel designed by Box39

    The Ducati XDiavel is one of the most impressive motorcycles on the market.

    However, when it comes to customized versions of this bike, very few can beat the Box39 version. This Russian custom builder has put together a limited edition of modified XDiavels that are both beautiful and powerful.

    Dubbed the Aliense, this unique version of the XDiavel boasts a range of custom modifications designed by Box39. For starters, the bike comes with a modified pendulum that increases its performance and handling. Additionally, the drive pulley has been removed, giving the bike a sleek and streamlined look.

    Another notable feature of the Aliense is the custom wheels that have been specifically designed and built by Box39. These unique wheels not only look great, but they also improve the bike’s handling and performance on the road. Complementing the wheels are custom-made Metzeler tires that have been painted white by Box39, giving the bike a racing-inspired look.

    In addition to the wheels and tires, Box39 has also modified the steering wheel of the XDiavel to ensure precise control and handling. To achieve a truly unique look, the body kit of the special Aliense edition has also been customized by Box39. The bike’s black color, along with the golden chessboard carbon fiber effect detail, adds to the Aliense’s striking visual appeal.

    If you’re looking for a truly unique and powerful motorcycle, the Ducati XDiavel modified by Box39 is a great choice.

    With its custom upgrades, this bike is a true head-turner that will impress riders and onlookers alike. Whether you’re cruising the open road or tackling tight turns, the Aliense edition XDiavel will take your riding experience to the next level.