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This Harley Night Rod: the Big Monster by Shibuya Garage

This Harley Night Rod: the Big Monster by Shibuya Garage

    This Harley Night Rod_ the Big Monster by Shibuya Garage

    Shibuya Garage, a Brazilian customization workshop, has modified a Harley-Davidson Night Rod to create a one-of-a-kind motorcycle (the Big Monster by Shibuya Garage)

    The style of the modification is “Big Monster” due to the installation of its massive Vee Rubber Monster 360 rear tire. The tire, as well as a custom-made black rim to match, make a bold statement and catch the eye of any passers-by.

    To accommodate the large tire, a new swingarm and custom suspension were added, while the rear fender was cut to the maximum and integrated the rear lights. The seat is also part of the rear fender, giving the bike a unique look that is both stylish and practical.

    In addition to the tire

    The bike has undergone other aesthetic changes, such as the relocation of the license plate holder to the side to showcase the full extent of the impressive rear wheel. The exhaust system was replaced with a Vance and Hines Competition Series 2-in-1 Black and wrapped with insulation tapes in bronze color to contrast with the black.

    The minimalistic black handlebars complement the design while making the rider feel in total control of the machine. The black mirrors on the bike were also relocated to underneath the handlebars, making them less visible but still functional.

    In conclusion, Shibuya Garage’s Harley-Davidson Night Rod modification is a testament to the skills of the Brazilian customizers.

    The distinctive design, combined with the massive rear wheel and aggressive stance, commands attention and solidifies the bike’s “Big Monster” status. The attention to detail and quality craftsmanship truly sets this motorcycle apart from the rest.