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The team at Mat Custom have updated this V Rod

The team at Mat Custom have updated this V Rod

    The team at Mat Custom have updated this V Rod

    The team at Mat Custom has left no detail untouched when it comes to this custom V Rod.

    From the milled pendulum with a caliper moved to the left side to the removal of the drive pulley with a support bearing, every aspect of the bike has been modified and improved upon.

    The milled wheels and driven pulley give the bike a sleek and modern look, while the Yamaha YZF-R caliper brackets and Galfer brake discs ensure that it’s just as impressive from a performance standpoint.

    The bike’s frame, traverses, fork covers, and steering racks have all been modified or replaced with custom parts, while the front fender has been given a new look.

    The milled footrests provide both comfort and style, while the new type of GRP frame and a specially-designed seat for both the pilot and passenger make the ride more enjoyable for all.

    Mat Custom has also incorporated passenger footrest extensions that are combined with shock absorber mounts, making for a more comfortable and smoother ride. A body kit by @yourlife_airbrushing adds an artistic touch to the bike, while the Akrapovic exhaust and pneumatic shock absorbers allow the V Rod to deliver a roar that matches its impressive appearance.

    Other details, such as the brutal headlight, grips, turn signals, and mirrors (Rizoma) complete the bike’s unique design. At 180 and 300 mm wide, the tires are wider than usual, adding to the bike’s impressive stance and giving it a powerful look.

    All in all, Mat Custom has truly outdone themselves with this custom V Rod.

    It’s a bike that not only looks incredible but also performs just as impressively. Those interested in learning more about this Harley-Davidson V Rod by Mat Custom can contact the team at [email protected]. It’s clear that this bike is a true work of art and a testament to Mat Custom’s talent and skill.

    Modified parts list

    • milled pendulum with caliper moved to the left side
    • removal of the drive pulley with support bearing
    • milled wheels
    • milled driven pulley
    • traverses, fork covers, steering racks
    • yamaha YZF-R caliper brackets
    • Galfer brake discs
    • front fender
    • milled footrests
    • a frame for a new type of GRP
    • seat for pilot and passenger
    • passenger footrest extensions combined with shock absorber mounts
    • body kit by @yourlife_airbrushing
    • Akrapovic exhaust
    • pneumatic shock absorbers
    • brutal headlight
    • grips, turn signals and other small things
    • mirrors (not pictured) rizoma
    • tires 180 and 300 mm wide