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Tarso Marques Concept

If you're a fan of customized motorcycles_ Tarso Marques

Tarso Marques Concept

Also known as TMC, is a Brazilian company founded by Tarso Marques in 2010. TMC specializes in modifying and customizing motorcycles, creating unique and personalized designs for their clients. But who is Tarso Marques, and how did he become one of the most famous motorcycle modifiers in the world?

Tarso Marques was born in 1970 in Maringá, a small city in the south of Brazil. He grew up surrounded by cars and motorcycles, which sparked his interest in mechanics and design. In his youth, Tarso started working as a mechanic and soon became passionate about creating custom designs for his clients’ vehicles.

In the 1990s, Tarso moved to Europe to pursue his dream of becoming a racing driver. He competed in several categories, including Formula One, and even worked as a test driver for some teams. However, Tarso’s love for design and mechanics was still present, and he continued to modify his own cars and motorcycles in his spare time.

In 2010, Tarso decided to turn his passion into a business and founded Tarso Marques Concept. His company quickly gained popularity in Brazil, and later in other countries, for his unique and innovative designs. TMC’s projects include modifications to bikes like the Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and others.

TMC’s designs are characterized by their attention to detail, with each component being carefully selected and crafted to suit each customer’s style and preferences. Tarso and his team do not only modify the motorcycle’s exterior but also focus on enhancing its performance, delivering a complete and unique riding experience.

In conclusion

Tarso Marques Concept is a renowned company that specializes in customizing motorcycles, founded by the Brazilian Tarso Marques in 2010. Tarso’s passion for design and mechanics, cultivated since his youth, led him to create innovative and unique designs. Today, TMC is recognized worldwide for its attention to detail and dedication to providing a complete and personalized experience for its customers.