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Indian Scout NLC ‘Dubai’ by No Limit Custom

Indian Scout NLC ‘Dubai’ by No Limit Custom


The No Limit Custom (NLC) builder in Germany has created a unique and stunning bike modification for the Indian Scout.

This cruiser-style motorcycle has been modified to stand out and turn heads. The Indian Scout now boasts grey coloring, an impressive wide 280 rear tire, and specifically designed NLC GP-1 18 & 19-inch front fender. These changes present an aggressive and powerful appearance that is sure to catch attention.

The rear fender of the Indian Scout has been modified to a low rider style with NLC swing arms that fit the 280-18 tires perfectly. Additionally, the builder has added the Formula radiator screen, which is designed for Indian Scouts, making this bike look like a performance machine on steroids. The new swing arms have also been given a unique design, cut-out to 300 for an original and standout look.

The NLC team understands not only when it comes to visual modification, but also when it comes to functionality. This is why they have included a Wilbers shock absorber, making for a smooth ride. The builder has further optimized the driving experience by including a drive-side brake and offset kit with Indian Scout top bearing.

NLC has also designed a 3D Fork, combined with NLC fork Indian Scout front brake system, to make sure the whole bike works in harmony.

The exhaust system of the Indian Scout is a standout feature that adds to the overall character of the bike. NLC has created a “Radical” exhaust system with a 2in1 design that enhances the bike’s beauty, sound, and performance. The brake cylinder cover, left and right engine cover, ignition switch cover, and water pump cover have all been modified by NLC to make sure no detail is overlooked.

Lastly, the Indian Scout’s handlebars and footrests have been modified to give the rider a relaxed but adjustable experience. NLC has created adjustable hand levers and exchanged footrests to make sure that the rider’s comfort is not compromised even with the revolutionary modifications that make the Indian Scout unique.


The Indian Scout transformed by No Limit Custom is a perfect example showcasing the exceptional design, styling, and performance improvement that the German custom builder provides. The end result is a machine that looks and feels fantastic and will leave its mark on the rider’s memory.